Tell JoJo You Love Her and She Kicks You to the CurbIn this episode we cover another Bachelorette double episode which includes the Rose Ceremony after the Hometowns, the Overnight Dates and the Men Tell All. We were excited to see Chad again and stunned at some of the eliminations.

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Luke looked stunned. We were stunned. Why on earth would she send him home? Our only wish is that he becomes the next Bachelor.

Robby’s Date

What can we say about this date? Not much. It’s just Robby and Thailand.

Jordan’s Date

Besides the fact that we have never thought that Jordan was right for JoJo, we noticed something very important. Jordan told JoJo that he doesn’t know what will happen in the next year if he gets the final rose. We were shocked at that answer, but JoJo just seemed to take it in stride. Why doesn’t she listen to what he’s saying? JoJo, he’s not ready to commit. If he can’t answer what he wants to see happen in the next year, how is he ever going to be able to make a life-long commitment.

JoJo, girl, you said yourself that you keep picking the wrong men. Here’s the problem. You keep being attracted to to the “bad boy.” It’s time to realize that a good man won’t make you cry.

Lourdes has a theory that JoJo knows down deep in her soul that Robby doesn’t mean what he’s saying. She knows that Luke and Chase are sincere with their “I love you’s” and that scares her. So she sent the good guys away and keeps the “bad boys.” In a way the unattainable guys with drama are safer for her.

Chase’s Date

JoJo’s Reaction to Chase’s Confession of Love Went Something LIke This….

JoJo Looked Shocked with Chase Professes His Love

The way JoJo sent Chase away was awful. Everything was going perfect until he told her he loved her. We were blind-sided and so was he. How could she not have had some sense of how he was feeling?

Melly noticed some clues.

  1. JoJo kept saying that she was in love with 2 men. She never said she was in love with 3 men.
  2. Melly thinks that she took him back to her room not a fantasy suite like the other guys. Did JoJo know she was going to send him away?
  3. The fake crying. Did you see any tears? We didn’t….or perhaps she had some really bullet-proof mascara (Where can we find that mascara?)

Of course at the men tell all, JoJo didn’t answer Chase’s question about why she gave him the Fantasy Suite card only to send him packing moments after.

Lourdes’ theories on why this happened.
A. JoJo truly didn’t know. Lourdes wonders if JoJo is deluding herself.
B. Production told her she had to send Chase home in that manner.

But why does JoJo chase after every man she sends home unexpectedly? Wells, Alex, Chase, Luke were all proverbially kicked in the gut and then JoJo cries and says “you don’t know how much this hurts me.” To that we say, “JoJo, at this point, after you send these guys away, it is no longer about you – it is about the guys and making it easier for them.” Are we expecting too much from her?

When Chase came back the next day to tell her his heart was still open for her – that was proof right there that he is sincere. Perhaps because we are older than JoJo  have a little more life experience than JoJo, we recognize that a man who will think of you first is one to be kept, or at least taken more seriously. JoJo (and all women of the world) a good guy will not make you cry and will be happy when you are happy and will put you first. People who put you first are very few and far between.


Chad is super fun to watch. We thought it was so funny that they had meat for him in his dressing trailer. Mostly we were so glad to know that Chad was vindicated! Evan did shove Chad and ABC has the video to prove it! Does that give Chad permission to rip Evan’s shirt? No, of course not. But clearly, Evan was not some lowly victim of Chad’s wrath.

Unfortunately, it appears that Chad goes wild on Bachelor in Paradise and we both hope that he remains in control during Bachelor in Paradise. Our message to Chad: “Chad you are better than that. Control yourself and be the man that you are.”

As for the finale

So we have the last men standing, specifically Robby and Jordan. If JoJo actually gets engaged at the end of this, Melly is convinced that said engagement “won’t take.”

Melly is looking forward to seeing the ring.

Lourdes hopes that by some stroke of luck, JoJo breaks up with the 2 remaining men and ends up in a relationship with Chase and that Luke is the next Bachelor. Doubtful, yes, but a girl can dream!

We’re both looking forward to covering Bachelor in Paradise!

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