Welcome to the Reality Sisters website! We are so excited you’ve joined us!  First, a little bit about us. We actually ARE sisters (we won’t tell you who’s older and who’s younger, we’ll keep you guessing for now) and we enjoy watching the best of the Reality TV shows. And, of course, we always make it a point to discuss the episodes together and now we want to chat about them with YOU!

If you love watching reality TV shows like we do, you’re come to the right place. We want to connect with all of you girls and guys to share the fun of dishing about our favorite series. Consider yourself one of us – you can be our sister or brother or friend too and join in on chats by commenting on the posts or (even better) leaving audio feedback. Just look at the popup voicemail button on the right of each page! If your message is fun, funny, cute or interesting we might just share it in a future episode.

Most important of all, stay-in-the-know between episodes and get notified of new shows and seasons that we’re covering by joining our mailing list. Don’t worry. We’ll never share your email address  and we do not spam. Sign up for the mailing list here below:

Why are we doing this, you might be asking yourself?  Excellent question!  (We like inquisitive people like you).  A couple of very good reasons:

Number 1 – The whole point is to share in the Reality TV experience with like-minded friends (YOU!). You can hear our take on each episode and we’d love to get feedback from you, as well (see above). Just remember, we are striving to keep it upbeat, positive and fun for all – so play nice!

Number 2 – We are two sisters who are working individually and also collaboratively on number of creative projects. Since you share our interest in Reality TV and enjoy our podcasts and website, we think it’s a pretty good bet that you will be interested in the books, magazines and other products we’ve got out there. Check out our work here.

We’re so glad you’re here and we look forward to a many great seasons of Reality TV that we just know will be full of surprises, laughs, shocking revelations, and most of all, just plain fun. Because as you’ve no doubt heard it said before: “You just can’t make this stuff up people!”

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