Hidden in Plain View Books

Our “Hidden in Plain View Books” are a collaborative effort between Lourdes Welhaven and  Melly Nofal. These books are NOT NOVELS! That’s right, the Hidden in Plain View Books are not fiction. Instead they are password organizer logs intentionally created to look like regular books. Their unique design helps conceal and protect the information you put in it.

The front cover, spine and back cover are all formatted like a traditional novel. There’s even a custom excerpt on the back cover – this way anyone who sees these books laying around or on your bookshelf will have no idea that it contains your valuable password and account information. We’re coming up with new covers all of the time so check back often for new ideas.

But there’s more to these books than just a pretty cover and clever concept. Inside there is a place for 200 alphabetized entries with ample space for listing all of your internet sites, accounts, usernames, password hints, pins, security questions and additional notes.

Keep your valuable information organized and under wraps in any of the Hidden in Plain View books. Because, as we see it, the very best hiding place is hidden in plain view.

Find The Vault on Amazon.

Find The Maze on Amazon.

Find The Secret on Amazon.

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Bloodline of the Dragon Series

Do you like Arthurian Legend, thrillers, mysteries, chick-lit and romance novels? Well, the Bloodline of the Dragon series by Melly Nofal is all of this and more. You’re in for a wild ride as you’ll be left wondering, along with the main character in the story “Victoria”, if the legend of King Arthur is just a romantic medieval story or not.

Most normal adults, especially a practical lawyer like Victoria Fallon, don’t really believe in magic. But Victoria is by no means your ordinary woman. She has a secret she has kept from outsiders all her life – she and her brother, Jake, possess their own unique paranormal powers from birth. She has let hers lie dormant for years until recently when odd things begin happening around them both. She soon learns that no one around her is who they appear to be, not even herself.

As events in her life begin to spiral out of control, she finds that Destiny has thrust her into the midst of a hidden battle between rival factions seeking to recapture the legendary power of King Arthur. Her only hope is to reawaken her long-forgotten powers, tap into her inner reserves of strength, and determine who she can trust. With her brother at her side, as well as a handsome Arthurian expert and a hunky fellow attorney, she is forced to confront her destiny and discover what role she is to play in this epic battle between good and evil.

Bloodline of the Dragon is the first book in the series and is followed by Dragon’s Lair. The series is authored by Melly Nofal and she is already working on the third book in the series.

Bloodline of the Dragon
on Amazon.

Bloodline of the Dragon
on Amazon.

The Watch Keeper

Victoria, the main character in the book series “Bloodline of the Dragon,” is a watch aficionado. Victoria loves her extensive watch collection so much that she catalogs them in her special book titled “The Watch Keeper.” Melly’s readers have asked Melly repeatedly where they can get a similar book. So Melly created a real-life version of the very tool that Victoria uses to organize her collection.

“The Watch Keeper” is a Watch Organizer Log Book and Journal created for you, the watch collector. It provides an organized and convenient way to record and access the details of each of the watches in your personal watch collection. “The Watch Keeper” layout is simple and easy-to-use. It contains 100 pages, 1 entry per page, for recording and storing the important and essential details of each watch in your collection. Keep track of your unique, personal and valuable watch collection in “The Watch Keeper” – the perfect organizational tool to make your life easier and to make watch collecting more enjoyable. And remember “The Watch Keeper” motto and wish for you: “May the only complications in your life be in your watches!”

Find The Watch Keeper
on Amazon.

Little Pampered Dog

Little Pampered Dog, “The Lifestyle Magazine for Little Pampered Dogs and the People Who Love Them,”  is Published by Lourdes Welhaven. The magazine is digital, right now only available for iOS devices but other media coming soon. But Little Pampered Dog is more than a magazine. Check out the website for the podcast, great articles, boutique and more!

Meanwhile, Issue #2 is FREE and available on any device or computer. You can get your free issue by going to www.littlepampereddog.com/gift.

My Dog Keepsake Journal

This is the official book of happy memories that you and your dog will write together! The book is a collaboration between Lourdes and her dog, Bella! The book is meant to be completed by you and your dog! Keep track of all of the cute, fun and amazing things that your dog does during any 52-week period. Unlike other books that are meant to record a dog’s puppyhood, this book is meant to capture a full 52 weeks of any time in your dog’s life. You’ll date the journal yourself, so you can start any time you like. You’ll never run out of things to write about because there are 156 writing prompts spread throughout the left-hand pages of the book.

Find My Dog Keepsake Journal
on Amazon.

Top Drawer Cabinetry & Carpentry, LLC

Top Drawer Cabinetry & Carpentry, LLC is owned by Thor Welhaven and Lourdes Welhaven. Thor is an amazing carpenter. But more than that, he’s an exacting contractor. With the help of his wife, Lourdes, Thor is taking some of his experience and knowledge and making it available to everyone. His debut book is both a workbook as well as coloring book for grownups. The book is based on actual kitchen designs and helps the colorist get to learn what they like best. Plus, it’s a really fun book to color. For more details, check out the book on Amazon below. Meanwhile, to find out more about Thor Welhaven and/or Top Drawer Cabinetry & Carpentry, LLC click here.

Dream Kitchen Coloring Book
on Amazon.

Bella Benjamin

Melly Nofal and Lourdes Welhaven create activity books under the pen name Bella Benjamin. The books are meant to help the user relax and relieve stress while having fun. The first two books are coloring books for grownups. Coloring is Good for the Soul is an adult coloring book with inspiring Bible Verses in each color page. Stress-Be-Gone: Mandalas is a fun book with compelling designs for most any skill level.

Get your FREE coloring page at www.BellaBenjamin.com/gift and check out the books below:

Coloring is Good for the Soul
on Amazon.

Stress-Be-Gone: Mandalas
on Amazon.


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