Zombie Paintball Date - So Fun!

Zombie Paintball Date – So Fun!

In this episode of Reality Sisters we cover The Bachelor Season 19, Episode 2.

Just remember, our commentary on the podcast and in the posts are only our personal opinions provided for your entertainment purposes. Sadly, we have no insider information of any kind. We’d love for you to share your opinions too!

Here’s a brief teaser recap of what we talked about:

Chris let Kimberly come back…and then sent her home.

The girls go on a (very slow) tractor race. It cracked us up but it was a weird date. Ashley I won the race and she looks like a prettier Kim Kardashian. Why didn’t he choose her for that evening’s one-on-one date?

Chosen for the one-on-one was Mackenzie who told Chris about her child (good), then told him his nose was big (bad), and then wondered if he believed in aliens (odd for a first date). Yet, Chris gave Mackenzie a rose on their date.

Megan went on the first one real one-on-one of the season. We love her and commend her for going on the Bachelor after the recent loss of her father.

The next group date was a really fun one filled with paintballs and zombies. During this date Chris had “an encounter” with Ashley S that was memorable, to say the least. We have fondly named Ashley “Onion Girl” (see previous episode for more details).

Juelia reveals to her roommates about her husband’s death. Will Chris ever find this out?

Jillian made a mistake thinking she was called to get the rose and then slipped on the carpet. But since Chris kept her anyway, why didn’t he just let her have the rose and help her to save face? Perhaps he has a list and a certain order he has to go in?

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