Chris has no clue what Ashley I was trying to tell him in his tent.

Chris has no clue what Ashley I was trying to tell him in his tent.

In this episode of Reality Sisters we cover The Bachelor Season 19, Episode 4.

Just remember, our commentary on the podcast and in the posts are only our personal opinions provided for your entertainment purposes. Sadly, we have no insider information of any kind. We’d love for you to share your opinions too!

Here’s a brief teaser recap of what we talked about:

A trip to the lake complete with skinny dipping. Would you want your Mamma to see you like this? Would you want HIS Mamma to see you like this?

Kelsey pouts to the girls and puts on a happy face with Chris. Is she making a mistake?

The lake trip continues with a night of camping in tents. Ashley I visits Chris’ tent and tries to tell him something. No one knows what she was trying to say – especially Chris.

Chris’ sisters meet with a “select” group of the girls to set up Chris on a one-on-one date with the contestant of their choice on a (literally) Cinderella date complete with diamond earrings and Louboutins to keep.

Ashley I is jealous, not of the time Jade got to spend with Chris on the Cinderella date but because she wasn’t the one to get the “perfect date for her.”

We were sad that Carly wasn’t chosen for the Cinderella date.

The group date in pretty wedding gowns and mud. Jillian won the competition and some one-on-one time with Chris, but didn’t get the rose and was sent home. We’re sorry to see Jillian go but think Chris made the right decision.

The cocktail party had a lot of drama including Ashley I once again telling Chris that she is a virgin. This time he got it and was surprised.

We learn that Becca is also a virgin and Kaitlyn reveals that there are TWO VIRGINS on the Bachelor this season. Kaitlyn was funny!

Britt confronted Chris about giving Kaitlyn a rose and Chris looked very uncomfortable. But why has Britt not had a one-on-one date yet? Perhaps it is because Britt is trying to control Chris?

We say goodbye to Juelia. Chris was such a gentleman and are very sad to see her go.

We also say goodbye to Onion Girl. Onion Girl, it just won’t be the same without you. Godspeed, Onion Girl and fare thee well.

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Question of the Week

Do you think Ashley I is really a virgin?

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