Kelsey Gives Ashley the Stink-Eye in the Badlands

Kelsey Gives Ashley the Stink-Eye in the Badlands

In this episode of Reality Sisters we cover The Bachelor Season 19, Episode 6.

Just remember, our commentary on the podcast and in the posts are only our personal opinions provided for your entertainment purposes. Sadly, we have no insider information of any kind. We’d love for you to share your opinions too!

Here’s a brief teaser recap of what we talked about:

Chris apparently has miraculous healing powers rendering Kelsey miraculously cured after her fit, panic attack or whatever she allegedly went through.

Mackenzie and Samantha are sent home. We would have liked to see Kelsey go home at the rose ceremony.

One-on-one with Becca horseback riding and a romantic dinner in front of a campfire. We love Becca. We love that she’s very down-to-earth. We love how they look together. We love that she apologized to her Dad for kissing Chris. We love that she’s a great shot!

Group date with Big and Rich! Everyone loves Big and Rich. Finally a great date!

We love Carly. I’ll say it again, WE LOVE CARLY and so wish that Chris did too.

What was Chris thinking when he was kissing with Britt in front of all of the other girls? Is there hope for any of the other girls or is it all about Britt from now on?

Chris and Britt run off and Britt gets the rose on stage at the Big and Rich concert. The other girls wait for an hour to find out what was going on. Was that Chris bad judgement or a purposeful set up by production?

Big drama in the Badlands. Ashley I (Kim Kardashian would be lucky to be as pretty as Ashley) and Kelsey (the Worm) can’t stand one another and it shows. Ultimately Chris sends both girls home but not before being a tattle tale and not before Kelsey gives Ashley the stink-eye.

We think that Ashley being sent home was a solid decision because we agree with Chris that she could never ever be happy in his world.

In our opinion, Kelsey being sent home was also a solid decision because Kelsey seems to be more interested in “winning” and proving how intelligent she is than actually being Chris’ wife. Mostly, Kelsey’s look – the look she gave to Ashley was frightening. We don’t want to tangle with Kelsey – yikes!

We announced that we’ll be covering the next season of Survivor! Stay tuned for more details!

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Question of the Week

What do you think Chris was so unhappy about before the Rose Ceremony?

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