Chris' Nearest Neighbor

Chris’ Nearest Neighbor Which is probably a very nice thing! (Lourdes loves cows!)

In this episode of Reality Sisters we cover The Bachelor Season 19, Chris Tells All and The Bachelor Episode 7.

Just remember, our commentary on the podcast and in the posts are only our personal opinions provided for your entertainment purposes. Sadly, we have no insider information of any kind. We’d love for you to share your opinions too!

Here’s a brief teaser recap of what we talked about:

We learned nothing new during the Chris Tells All about Kelsey other than she knows big words and doesn’t realize that malintention is not a word.

Kelsey looks amazing like Olive Oil from Popeye.

We miss Onion Girl (Ashley S) and believe she acted as she did for fun. We think she’s an actress. We love you Onion Girl!

We were saddened to learn about Andi and Josh’s breakup but wish her well and neither she nor Josh are failures. Things just didn’t work out and that’s ok.

There’s been a lack of the usual amazing dates that we’ve come to expect from the Bachelor and Bachelorette.

Megan gets sent home in Deadwood. We both liked her and her humor. We will miss her. We are glad that he didn’t wait until the Rose Ceremony to send her home.

We were shocked that Jade was chosen to go with Chris to his home town. We would have expected someone else. Britt was shocked too – and very jealous.

Exactly how big is Arlington anyway? Where does he go grocery shopping? Where’s the McDonald’s? Where’s the nearest hospital? Is there a doctor in town? There’s no Starbucks, really? Where is this high school we saw on the show?

Arlington reminds Lourdes of where The Pioneer Woman lives.

Jade returns to tell the girls about her date and how small Arlington is, so some of the girls took their own clandestine road trip to Arlington. Becca, Carly, Kaitlyn, and Britt went on the trip and are shocked at how small Arlington really is.

Is production making Arlington look smaller than it really is?

How does Britt really feel about Arlington?

Chris and Whitney went all over Des Moines taking pictures on her date.

Whitney got to meet Chris’ best friends and we both agree that she got along really well with his friends.

Chris surprises Whitney with a mural made from one of the pictures they took that day. Apparently that mural will stay in Des Moines “forever.” Was this Chris’ idea or ABC’s idea?

Whitney is the only one of the remaining girls that has not seen Arlington first hand.

There was a group date with Kaitlyn, Carly and Britt. Carly with very forthcoming with her thoughts on Britt.

Britt tells Chris how much she loves Arlington while she had allegedly told the girls otherwise.

During the evening of the group date, Chris gives Kaitlyn a rose and Britt loses it.

Chris goes all “mushy mouthed” as Britt was attacking his choice to give Kaitlyn a rose.

Chris’ mushy mouth is his tell! If you ever get a chance to play poker with Chris, keep that in mind!

So many unanswered questions….what will happen with Britt? Who will Chris take on hometown dates? When will Chris go mushy mouthed again? …but most importantly, why are Chris’ ears so small?

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Question of the Week

Do you think Chris’ ears are unusually small?

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