Even the Monkeys Love Chris

Even the Monkeys Love Chris

In this episode of Reality Sisters we cover The Bachelor Season 19, The Bachelor Episode 9.

Just remember, our commentary on the podcast and in the posts are only our personal opinions provided for your entertainment purposes. Sadly, we have no insider information of any kind. We’d love for you to share your opinions too!

Here’s a brief teaser recap of what we talked about:

We will be covering Survivor Season 30 “World’s Apart” right here on this show!

Kaitlyn’s Date

There are a lot of wild monkeys in Bali. Chris loved the monkeys…perhaps a little too much.

Lourdes and Melly agreed that while they love all animals, they would not have petted the wild monkeys. Did ABC “vet” these monkeys? Lourdes confesses that she would have screamed and run from the monkeys – in fact she did so in Nevis and St. Kitts – but that’s a whole other story.

Was Chris bitten by a Monkey or just peed on?

See this Rabies epidemic alert that Lourdes found online regarding Bali. Click here.

Kaitlyn said yes to the Fantasy Suite.

Kaitlyn told Chris that she was falling in-love with him and he told her that he was falling in-love with her too.

We didn’t think that the Bachelor could say such things on camera at least, but apparently he can because Chris did.


 We agreed that Bali is gorgeous and that the Fantasy Suites are all so pretty. We were blown away by the beauty and the friendliness of the people.

Chris and Whitney seemed to have a great time on the boat.

Whitney seemed very carefree and possibly even “younger” and happier than she has looked all season.

Lourdes thinks that Chris was holding back. Melly doesn’t agree.

Chris said he was worried about Whitney giving up her amazing career for him.

Melly talks about swimming in the ocean with a potential shark attack. But we agreed that it is better to be attacked by a shark than a rabid monkey. Melly walked among a pack of wild wolves in Spain so she is more adventurous that she lets on. Plus Lourdes and Melly petted a wolf (domesticated) once (their parents didn’t know this) – but that’s a story for another day. We don’t advocate doing this as your ‘mileage may vary.”

Whitney answered Chris questions about leaving her job for him well. However, while she seems “all in” is she just “too perfect.” Is she a bit Stepford Wife-ish?

Whitney is the only one who hasn’t seen Arlington. Can Whitney be a homebody miles away from the nearest metropolitan area.


 We agree that Becca is our choice for Chris for his wife. Melly thinks that Becca and Chris look good together. Lourdes feels that Chris may choose Whitney simply because “she’s ready” and not because “she’s the one.”

Becca may be the only one who is thinking seriously and soberly about the importance of marriage.

We think asking Becca to be all in is too much to ask of her or anyone.

Did the Balinese man predict their successful future?

Chris told her that he’s “crazy about her.” Melly thinks that those words are significant and more telling of his true feeling than what he said to the other women.

Becca finally revealed that she’s a virgin. Chris did not go mushy mouthed, so must have been ok with that.

Something went really wrong during their overnight date to the point where apparently Chris was not sure whether or not to send Becca home.

We suspect (we don’t know) he was concerned because he was asking her if she can move to Arlington and she was saying that she wasn’t sure.

The Rose Ceremony

We thought Chris was sending Becca home and apparently so did Whitney and Kaitlyn.

Apparently Chris was torn between Becca and Kaitlyn until what seemed like the last second.

Kaitlyn has never looked more beautiful than in that final rose ceremony. She handled everything with class and grace. We were both heart-broken for her. We believe she was truly blind-sided. But we have believed from the very beginning that they have always been stuck “in-the-friend-zone.”

Whitney received the first rose – again!

We hope he chooses Becca because she is the right one for him and not choose Whitney because she is a “sure thing.” We don’t want Chris going through the rest of his life wondering “what if.”

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Question of the Week

How do you feel about Monkeys? Would you have pet the monkeys or would you have run screaming from the monkeys?

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