Kaitlyn Bristowe is the Next Bachelorette!We have a Bachelorette – Kaitlyn Bristowe!

While we both like Britt, we were both rooting for Kaitlyn. However, we don’t think we’ve seen the last of Britt. Could she and Brady have a future? Does Britt have a future in the entertainment industry? We both agree we’ll keep seeing Britt…somewhere – and that’s a good thing! Britt was surprised but she handled the rejection very well and with class.

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Different Reactions from Die-Hard Britt Supporters

Brady – We both respect him for staying true to his feelings and following his heart. He handled himself well. We are hoping to see a bit more of Brady and Britt. Check out Brady’s cast page – he has some really funny answers! Plus Brady is a singer/song writer in Nashville. Maybe we’ll get to see more of him in entertainment too.

Tony – He was so pro-Britt and so disappointed when Britt was not the Bachelorette, we didn’t think he’d stay. Is Tony being sincere or is he playing a role? This is just like when he walked up to both girls and said the exact same words to both – it makes us question him. Again, does Tony have a black-eye or some sort of discoloration?

Jared – He came clean about voting for Britt which was the right thing to do, but in Kaitlyn’s shoes I’m not sure if I would have kept him. Of course, it says a lot about his character that he was so forthcoming – so perhaps that is a great reason to keep him. Melly thinks Jared looks like Ashton Kutcher and he does!!!!

The three men above all had incredibly different reactions to Britt’s departure. We were surprised that more didn’t leave after Brady left or that Kaitlyn didn’t encourage those that were disappointed to leave.

The First Kiss of the Season

Chris “Cupcake” the dentist went for it and got the first kiss of the season. Check out his cast page!¬†Chris aka Cupcake has certainly put a great deal of enthusiasm into this first evening. How sad to be Chris and not have gotten the first impression rose. He did, however, get a rose and that may be all that counts anyway!

The First Impression Rose

Shaun B was instantly well-liked by both Britt and Kaitlyn and seems to have a lot of charisma. Melly doesn’t like his hair and if she were in a long-term established relationship she encourage him to get his hair cut and styled differently. (See our question of the week below)

The Steel Rose

Isn’t Joshua just the sweetest thing welding that beautiful rose for Kaitlyn!?! We both love him but fear that since he is such a nice guy and not a “bad boy,” Kaitlyn may overlook him. Melly likes his hair! Here’s his cast bio – check out his greatest achievement!


We both like Ian and admire the fact that he was been so steadfast pro-Kaitlyn. He may be exactly what she has been looking for.

The Previews

Did we see a glimpse of Ireland?
Did we see Nick from the Andi Dorfman season. Why is he back? This is not fair to the other guys.
There’s lots of sobbing this season. That’s right people, not just crying…out and out sobbing.
Apparently Kaitlyn made some sort of “mistake.”
Melly liked Britt’s ring and Kaitlyn’s ring – is this a new trend? Melly is investigating.
Does ABC provide the cast with their wardrobe and jewelry?

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Question of the Week

Would you encourage your “significant other” to change their hairstyle if you didn’t like it? How would you react if your significant other encouraged you to make a hairstyle change?

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