Boxing, Comedy and Kupah

This is a BIG episode with so much going on. Yes, we say that after every episode it seems…but seriously, the season is heating up and getting very dramatic!

Just remember, our commentary on the podcast and in the posts are only our personal opinions provided for your entertainment purposes. Sadly, we have no insider information of any kind. We’d love for you to share your opinions too!

Last Week’s Question

We have two answers to our question of the week from last week! Hurray! They both came through email sent to us. Last week we asked “Would you encourage your “significant other” to change their hairstyle if you didn’t like it? How would you react if your significant other encouraged you to make a hairstyle change?”

Sara from New York answered: “You better believe I’m not letting any guy tell me to change my hair. Like me or leave me.”

Tom answered: “I don’t really care what she says about my hair as long she blank.”
Tom literally wrote the word “blank” we are not censoring it. I guess we have to fill in the blank.

Brady and Britt

We got to get a sneak peek at what happened after Britt opened the door.  We hope that it is sincere. Brady is a singer and Britt seems to have aspirations in the entertainment industry also. Lourdes hopes that this wasn’t staged by Britt and Brady to get more exposure. Of course if they live happily ever after and have kids, they have to give them names starting with “Br” such as Bradley, Brianna and the like! We shall see if they stay together.

The Group Boxing Date

We didn’t like this as a group date. There’s just too much potential for violence with the guys feeling like they have to show off to Kaitlyn and the cameras. Does the Bachelor or Bachelorette really pick their dates or do they pick from a potential menu of possible dates? If Kaitlyn picked this herself, we wonder what she was thinking – boxing may be fun for some, but is it really conducive to getting to know guys in a group setting?

We felt bad for Jared for being put up against Ben Z. Was this pairing done on purpose for drama? It seems like some of the early-on group dates are always bad and they seem to be getting worse every season. Jared handled himself well and it was awesome that he showed up later and got a few minutes of Kaitlyn’s time alone. We are glad all of the guys survived the boxing date.

 We both loved Clint! Here’s his cast page. As much as they kissed and “seemed” to have perfect attraction, Lourdes still feels like there was something missing in their chemistry. Melly thinks it is just too early to really tell about Clint or anyone else for that matter AND Kaitlyn seems to be kissing EVERYONE. Lourdes just perceives something to be “off.”

Melly’s Weird Random Observation of the Week

This is a new segment for the show and Melly actually has two observations this week. (1) The majority of the guys picked the movie Dumb and Dumber as their favorite movie as shown on their cast page. What the significance is of that is anybody’s guess. (2) Melly loves Ryan B’s bio. She loves that he likes the moving Sliding Doors and she suggests that Tony on the Bachelorette would love it and that you will too. Plus she loves that he rode from Florida to California for a dog rescue. Melly seems confused as to what this bike ride entails – admittedly the wording is confusing.

Amy Schumer Date

We love Amy Schumer she is so funny! She hit the nail on the head with JJ. Melly liked JJ at first but over time she’s grown to dislike him because of his arrogance. His answers in his bio are troublesome – check out his biggest date fear. I think his answers are offensive to women. Also telling Amy that he’s smarter than 90% of the guys is just stupid and Amy called him out for that. JJ is definitely the villain this season but Kaitlyn doesn’t see it – yet.

Also, JJ obviously doesn’t like Tony. But JJ is picking on Tony because JJ perceives him as weak and weird. JJ, don’t prey on the weak – that doesn’t make you strong.


Why, Kupah, why? We really didn’t understand his outburst. Clearly the boxing date was not conducive to getting to know one another but based on what we saw, Kupah didn’t make any sort of effort to get to spend some one-on-one time with Kaitlyn. If Kupah has an issue with the show, don’t take it out on the Bachelorette on camera. Kupah is better than the  behavior we saw from him on the show. He would have been well advised to just leave gracefully. Apparently more happens in the next episode with Kupah – we really like him and don’t want to see him leaving the show in the middle of some kind of negative drama. Will there be a rose ceremony?

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Question of the Week

Chris “Cupcake” showed off his chest when his comedy seemed to be going badly. Do you think that Chris did good, does that make you like him more or less.


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