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The dates are getting more and more ridiculous and the episodes even more dramatic. Was Tony being “a baby” or was he the only one in his right mind? Read below and listen in to find out what we think. We want to know what you think too!

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Rumor has it that Chris and Whitney from the last season of the Bachelor have allegedly broken up. We predicted this in a prior episode that you can listen to here AND we even crafted an “open letter” to Becca, Chris and Whitney because we saw the writing on the wall, as they say.  Here are a few articles that we’ve seen online about the rumored breakup:

‘The Bachelor’ Chris Soules Open To Have A Relationship With Becca Tilley After Whitney Bischoff Split?

Chris Soules & Whitney Bischoff May Have Split Over Becca Tilley

Chris Soules Opens Up About Whitney Bischoff Split: “It’s Been Really Tough”

The Kupah Saga

We anticipated a big deal with the way the show was set up with Kupah, but the drama fizzled out quickly. We still have no idea what was up with Kupah. Was Kupah “encouraged” by production to create some kind of drama? His behavior just doesn’t make sense and his rant just didn’t turn out to be as big of a deal as it seemed like it was going to be.

Tony the Healer

Bottom-line, Tony’s is NOT wrong. We do not disagree with him, the dates are ridiculous. Where is the romance? Why are all of the dates so violent? The dates have not been fun, funny nor romantic. ABC needs to step it up. Whether or not Tony “handled it well” is up for interpretation, perhaps he was a bit pouty about it.

The ONLY semi-interesting part of the competition was when Tony was talking about how the Sumo Wrestler should fear him. We were looking forward to what he was going to do and then Tony was just ‘over it.” Oh well.  Bottom-line Tony’s right the dates so far have been pretty bad. We commend Tony for speaking his truth and leaving.

Tony and Kaitlyn were never a match – they are just too different but we want more Tony. We’d LOVE to see Tony in Bachelor in Paradise or on Survivor or somewhere else on Reality TV. We love you, Tony! (see question of the week below). Tony reminds us of “The Dragon Slayer” on prior seasons of Survivor.


Ben Z 

The yucky, scary, one-on-one date was chosen by Chris Harrison himself. We love Ben Z and like him even more after this date but the date was just not fun. Was Kaitlyn really scared or was it an act to get into Ben’s arms? Some people enjoy feeling scared like going to a scary movie and the like, but, again, where is the romance? Melly is convinced that Kaitlyn was overacting and seemed contrived. After all, how scared can you really be with their film crew around? The only good thing about this date is that it showed off Ben Z’s manliness.

After confronting the zombie, birds, snakes and all sorts of scary and filthy things and the best ABC can do for them is a pizza date? Couldn’t ABC have gotten them a nice romantic dinner out? Even with a “night in” couldn’t ABC have come up with a nice spread waiting for them when they got back to Kaitlyn’s room? We should all tweet Chris Harrison with #pizzaaintcuttingit to show our desire for better dates!


Ben confessed that he hasn’t cried since his mother passed. He wants to be the strong caretaker type. Melly loves that strong, silent caretaker type and she’s single and would always ask Ben what he wants on his pizza!

What Kind of Education?

This was the most horrible needless date ever. What exactly was the point of that? Where is the romance? Even if the kids were actors and the parents signed waivers what was the purpose of this?

After the whole “educational” portion of the date, Joshua, confessed that he hadn’t had a first kiss until he was in college and had previously confessed that he has not been in-love before. Kaitlyn seemed to be put off by this. But we think Joshua is sweet and it would be nicer to have a man that is more discerning with his heart than someone who is just giving it away to anything breathing and female. This made us both like Joshua more but we don’t think Kaitlyn shares our viewpoint on Joshua and that’s so sad.

Joshua is like the “Becca” of the season. Becca and Joshua are meant for one another. They should really get together. They have similar values and they would be so cute together. Let’s as a society help them to get together! We have to tweet them and encourage them to get to know one another.



Are Clint and JJ a bromance or more? We didn’t see this coming, did you? Of course in the last episode Lourdes did mention that she felt something was off with Kaitlyn and Clint, but we definitely never anticipated this. Are JJ and Clint close friends or is Clint actually in-love with JJ? Is JJ in love with Clint?

If Clint and JJ want to pursue a romantic relationship with one another, they should be upfront and get themselves off of the show. They shouldn’t be deceiving Kaitlyn. In fact, if they are just friends and do not see a future with Kaitlyn, they should just leave. It’s mean and a waste of time to deceive Kaitlyn just to stay on a reality tv show. They can be together as friends or lovers off the show and let Kaitlyn find her husband.

Since all of the other guys see this and have told Kaitlyn about their suspicions, Kaitlyn seems to finally see the situation for what it is. Next week is sure to get interesting!

Nick is coming back?

ABC, Kaitlyn, why? If Villians will vil and Kaitlyn gets rid of the villians who have villed, Perhaps ABC needs to have a villian villing in the village. It is just not fair to have Nick be there now in the middle of the season. We don’t like it, it is not fair, but it will lead to some interesting drama.

Melly’s Weird and Random Observation of the Week

Did you notice that Kaitlyn, on her date with Ben Z,  apparently ordered the pizza on her own and didn’t bother to ask Ben Z what he wanted. Ben literally had to ask what kind of pizza she had ordered. She didn’t even do the polite thing and ask him what he liked. Also Melly observed that Kaitlyn ordered a run-of-the-mill plain pepperoni pizza. Isn’t that just such a plain thing to order?

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Question of the Week

Would you like to see Tony the Healer on another reality show?


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