Cupcake on BroadwayThe season continues to be full of twists and turns including a new “Viall Villian”, rapping with Doug E. Fresh and Cupcake on Broadway! What will happen next?

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We’re So Excited!

If you go to our last episode, we have added a way to easily tweet out messages regarding the Bachelorette. We actually tweeted to Tony-the-Healer and guess what? He followed and tweeted us back! Tony is the real deal, down-to-earth and fun. It was so exciting to actually get a tweet back from him. I bet Tony will follow you too! Let’s keep tweeting with Tony and see if we can’t help him get on another reality tv show. If you agree, just click below to tweet!


Bachelor in Paradise

Carly, Jade, Onion Girl (Ashley S), and Ashley I from the Chris Soules season are going to be on Bachelor in Paradise along with Ashley I’s sister. Here’s a link to an article in the People Magazine website regarding the contestants so far. We believe that 4 of the guys from this season are going to be in Bachelor in Paradise also!

Andi Dorfman

Andi Dorfman is apparently going to do an online show titled “Andi’s Apple” where it follows Andi’s life in New York City. We searched online and have discovered a ton of press talking about this new show but have yet to figure out where or how to watch it.


Why did JJ feel like he had to say ANYTHING at all? Whether JJ and Clint had a friendship, bromance or romance is irrelevant- who is JJ to chastise and humiliate Clint in front of anyone? We are not fans of Clint nor of JJ, but in this case, Clint was right in getting upset with his “so called friend.” Was JJ just trying to look good to Kaitlyn? Did these guys stage all of this? Are they this drama-filled? If this is “all for real” then we witnessed a very dark side of JJ.

Melly thought it was weird seeing JJ slap himself to get a hold of himself because he was crying after Clint left. Lourdes somehow missed that part. Did you see it? We are now calling it the “self-slap” the “jjss”

Are the Dates Living Up to Your Expectations?

Doug E. Fresh Date – Certainly if you are a fan of rap music, you would know who Doug E. Fresh is and would likely find the date exciting.  But this is yet another date where they guys are making fools of themselves. Where’s the romance? If anything, we would have liked heard more from Mr. Fresh himself!

Broadway Date – What was the point of the audition? All that Kaitlyn and her date got to do was stand on stage and get some flowers. Certainly we’d love the opportunity to stand on a Broadway stage one day but this whole day seemed to make no sense, really. We thought Ian did a great job singing. Ian is a good sport, he can sing, he’s handsome we were surprised that he wasn’t the one chosen.  Really, all of the guys did well and it was cute but the whole thing didn’t make sense.

Date with Jared – We got to see Onion Girl again finally! Onion girl got to do Kaitlyn’s hair before Kaitlyn’s date with Jared. Onion Girl looks GREAT. We love her hair and she seemed not “oniony” at all! We also think Onion Girl gave Kaitlyn great advice about the situation with Nick being “just lust.” Onion Girl, you are very wise indeed! One of the saddest parts of Kaitlyn’s date with Jared is that during the entire date she herself said that she was thinking only of Nick.


Neither Melly nor Lourdes understand what any woman could see in Nick. We both think that Nick just wants to get on television. But the bigger questions are: (1) Why didn’t Nick not try to meet Kaitlyn before the show and (2) if Kaitlyn had any feelings for Nick why would she go on the show as the Bachelorette? We agree with the guys that are wondering if they should even bother to stay since Nick and Kaitlyn had some kind of connection before the show.

Most disturbing, as Tanner pointed out, is that Kaitlyn surely must know how Nick “outed” details of his relationship with Andi on national television. What Nick did to Andi certainly seemed deliberate to hurt Andi and humiliate Andi in front of the country. How can Kaitlyn like a man who would do that – especially when she has so many other wonderful men to choose from? Melly predicts that one or two of the guys will likely leave if Kaitlyn keeps Nick around.

Mad respect to Brady and Tony-the-Healer for following with their truth and leaving when they did. In fact, we’d like to see more of Brady and Britt. They seem far more interesting than Kaitlyn at this point. If you agree click below to tweet.


Melly’s Weird and Random Observation of the Week

Melly has two weird and random observations of the week this week. (1) Astoundingly Nick, like many of the other guys this season, has listed the movie, Dumb and Dumber as his favorite movie. Melly hasn’t seen the movie but Lourdes has and does admit to loving the movie. (2) Melly has noticed that somehow, seemingly “auto-magically” the roses seem to adhere with no effort at all to the men’s suits. How is this possible? What is this magic that ABC uses to make the roses adhere instantly and effortlessly to the men’s garments?

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Melly’s Book Bloodline of the Dragon. The book has lots of action, adventure and romance. Lourdes shared that you’ll love the main characters in Melly’s book and you’ll definitely be rooting for them to find “love” as well as their own truth!

Question of the Week

Do you have any idea (hint – you can make the idea up) on how the rose magically adheres to the men’s clothing? (See Melly’s Weird Random Observation of the Week above). Leave your comment below or leave us a voice message (see button to the right) to leave your message!


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