Joshua's Face After the Haircut

Joshua’s Face After the Haircut

Well this episode of the Bachelorette is clearly all about Nick and his effect on the guys. We have no idea why Kaitlyn refuses to have any empathy for her guys. We understand she is following her heart, but she also needs to understand that the guys are logically quite concerned about this mid-season addition.

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Shawn B

Is Shawn afraid of Kaitlyn? He ALMOST told Kaitlyn how he really felt about her accepting Nick to join her season, but apparently opted out of that in order to not make her angry. Did he check his words because he’s afraid of her, because he cares for her or because he wants to stay on the show? No matter, we all know how he really feels, don’t we?’


We both see Joshua as a sweet and honest man and think that Kaitlyn really mishandled things with Joshua. First of all, we understand that the clippers were bad and shut off, but why would she even attempt to give him a Mohawk? That’s not funny, Kaitlyn.

Joshua is the kind of guy that women should really like but they don’t because he’s not a “bad boy.” He lacks swagger but Melly thinks that he’s just a bit quiet and shy. We both wish that he had stood up for himself more. Furthermore, he never said all of the guys were lying to her. He was trying to be helpful.

However, if Joshua has a problem with Nick he doesn’t need to give his feelings any more validation by stating that “all of the other guys” feel the same way. We wish that Joshua had simply owned his own thoughts and opinions. The fact that Joshua feels whatever he is feeling should have been enough for him and Kaitlyn. Joshua, you don’t have to validate anything you are feeling by stating that “everyone else feels the same way too.” In this regard, Lourdes understands where Kaitlyn was coming from.  But Joshua wasn’t lying or trying to be manipulative. He revealed the other guys feelings from a point of weakness. That is solely Joshua’s lack of confidence showing through and not proof of deception on his part.

What Kaitlyn did by publicly shaming Johsua in front of they guys and national tv was very poor and reflected badly on her. The whole situation was regrettable with the guys “throwing Joshua under the bus.”  I wonder what Kaitlyn is thinking now that she is seeing the show and realizes that the guys were no ok with Nick but just telling her what she wanted to hear.  Of course, the final humiliation was giving Nick the group-date rose. If we had been Joshua, we would have left. He was severely mistreated by Kaitlyn and we are having a hard time liking her now.

At any rate, we think Joshua’s “guy intuition” seems to be right no. If you agree, click below to tweet!



Ian really let Kaitlyn have it. We didn’t see the point of him telling the world that he gets all of the women he wants and more. There is no need for Ian to justify himself to us or Kaitlyn. Instead, he would have been better off just stating, as did Tony-the-Healer, that the process and Kaitlyn are not for him. We do not ever remember so many contestants leaving on a season of Bachelor or Bachelorette. What Ian told Kaitlyn was certainly harsh but not wrong. That is to say, it doesn’t appear that Kaitlyn has a real sense of who Ian is and what he brings to the table as a suitor or potential husband – at least it doesn’t appear that way from the editing.

Ian mentioned that Kaitlyn was not the girl he thought she was from the Chris Soules season. He thought he was meeting the woman whose heart was broken, not the one who is more of a wise-cracker. We too thought we were going to be seeing a different side of Kaitlyn that what we’ve seen so far.

Ian was not fair in his assessment that it appears that all Kaitlyn wants to do is kiss guys on tv. He knew what he was getting into when he signed up for the Bachelorette so that was a low-blow and not fair on Ian’s part. However, it sure makes for exciting television to see what’s next, how Kaitlyn reacts to Ian’s assessment of Kaitlyn and the situation.

Melly’s Weird Random Observation

Have you noticed how much Ben H looks like an Osmond? Other people think that he looks like Peter Brady. Melly coined a new term calling Ben H “Osmondy” in his looks. Do you know anyone else who is Osmondy?

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Question of the Week

Several people have alleged online that Nick called “Kaitlyn” “Cameron” after the rose ceremony? What could that mean? Does Kaitlyn have a nickname we don’t know about?. Does Kaitlyn have a stage name? Was Nick thinking of someone else? Are they so close already that he has a pet name for her? Did Nick called Kaitlyn Cameron and, if so, what do you think he meant by it? We want to know your thoughts and remember, creative and funny speculation is encouraged!

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