Is It a New Low?

Is It a New Low?

Have we reached a new low in this season of The Bachelorette? Why would Kaitlyn risk what she may have with the other guys to sleep with Nick? While we love Dublin, we both hated the “Death Date.” This season is getting more dramatic by the minute!

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We got to see the rest of the conversation with Ian. Ian would have been well advised not to tell the world how much action he regularly gets. He was trying very hard to sell himself to the audience as the next Bachelor. His opinion about his experience on the Bachelorette would have had more impact if he wasn’t promoting himself so much. So does he really feel as he says about Kaitlyn and his experience on the Bachelorette or was he simply trying to be memorable and appeal to the audience? Perhaps it is a little of both. See our question of the week below – we want your take on Ian!

Nick at Night

Clearly Kaitlyn was not seduced by Nick. Kaitlyn was the one that asked Nick back to her room and then invited him to her bedroom. She’s a big girl and knew exactly what she was doing. So is the rest of the season pointless? Is Nick the one? Do you think the other guys are thinking that they are wasting their time?

Didn’t the guys realize what had happened when Nick came back the next morning after his date wearing the same clothes as the previous date? Nick was truly walking, the “Walk of Shame” or perhaps as he sees it, “The Walk of Conquest!” Kaitlyn’s regrets were, curiously, not that she may have given her heart away too soon with so many guys still in contention but that Nick might tell the other guys that they slept together. Melly thinks Kaitlyn should realize that if Nick “kissed and told” once he is liable to do so again.

Melly doesn’t think that Kaitlyn gives her heart away with the physical act of intimacy. If you are any one of the other guys’ friends, mother, father, sister, brother, whatever how would you feel about Kaitlyn and his potential relationship with your loved one? There are huge ramifications to her actions. We think Kaitlyn may be acting prematurely especially under the glare of cameras and the public.

As near as we can tell, the guys do not realize it yet that Nick and Kaitlyn have been intimate. But there seems to be more crying next week so we wonder if someone figures it out.

Also, based on Shawn’s conversation with one of the producers it would appear that Kaitlyn told Shawn that he is “the one.” Plus, it seems from Nick that perhaps Kaitlyn and Shawn have already been intimate also but perhaps we reading to much into the show and Shawn’s conversation with the producer.

What is the difference between sleeping with Nick now or waiting until later in the Fantasy Suite? We suppose that there is none, really. Frankly, we both have an issue with the Fantasy Suite. It puts contestants in an awkward situation. For example, if one says “yes” to the Fantasy Suite, is physical intimacy expected? Alternatively, if one says “no” to the Fantasy Suite, does the Bachelor or Bachelorette consider it a rejection?

Certainly this season seems to be going in the direction of a love triangle between Kaitlyn, Nick and Shawn. We expect more drama ahead!

Dates in a Church?

We find Bachelor/Bachelorette dates in a place of worship to be odd – any place of worship. Apparently Christ Church Cathedral makes itself available for events, so they obviously don’t have a problem with it. So if the Christ Church Cathedral welcomes events why should we have a problem with filming the Bachelor or Bachelerette here? We think that Kaitlyn and her dates could have visited the Christ Church Cathedral on a filmed date but getting all “kissy face” in the church just seems odd.

The Death Date

The dates just seem to be getting worse and worse but this particular date is a brand new, sick low. The date was bad “mojo.” Ben Z was rightfully disturbed by it. This date was not funny or fun in any way. Certainly we appreciate an Irish wake. This date was just horrible and disturbing. The only thing that made this date tolerable was “Cupcake Chris” singing. If you like Cupcake’s singing like we do – join us in tweeting to Cupcake by tweeting below. Cupcake made watching this date tolerable.


So instead of the dates that we didn’t like, what could Kaitlyn and her guys have done instead. A lot according to Melly who absolutely loves Ireland and all things Irish.

Melly suggests the following places in Dublin, as alternative venues to “get all kissy face:”

Melly’s Weird Random Observation of the Week

Nick was wearing numerous wooden bead bracelets on his date with Kaitlyn. Do these bracelets symbolize something?

Here’s a bonus observation for you: Remember how Nick and Kaitlyn got matching Claddagh rings? The Claddagh ring stands for love, loyalty and friendship and sometimes is used as an engagement ring. If the point of the heart in the ring points towards you it means “you’re taken.” Alternatively if you wear the ring with the point pointing out it means you are available. We’ll need to see if Kaitlyn and Nick continue to wear their rings and whether the hearts point in or out.

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Question of the Week

Do you think Ian should be the next Bachelor?

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