Don't Jump Cupcake

Does Kaitlyn really feel as guilty as she’d like for us to think she does? Perhaps Kaitlyn just realizes (finally) that this will air on national television and her guys will know what happened between her and Nick. One thing’s for sure – we are so thankful Chris “Cupcake” didn’t jump at the Cliffs of Moher!

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Listener Comment from Lisa

It is s exciting for us when you interact with us. Our listener, “Lisa,” commented on our last episode. You can read her comments here. Lisa, we love your writing style and couldn’t agree with you more!


Of course Shawn needs reassurance. In the words of Joshua, we believe it is Shawn’s “male intuition” that is telling him (Shawn) that something is amiss.  What is most troublesome is that Kaitlyn was all sorry when she was concerned that Shawn may have found out about her “gettin’ busy” with Nick. Then when she realized that Shawn didn’t know what happened between her and Nick, she turned the tables on Shawn and told him that he was “too needy” and “needed too much validation.” How dare she, really? So she’s not only withholding the truth (lying) but she is making Shawn feel responsible for issues in their relationship. It seems from the previews that the truth will come out in next week’s episode. Melly keeps wondering if “more” happened in Kaitlyn’s off-camera time with Shawn than what we know about.

The Dates

Melly says that the dates and, consequently, the entire episode consisted of the following:

  • Kaitlyn saying over and over again – “Like I feel like I should have said something or not done something.”
  • The guys saying over and over again –  “Like I don’t feel like I can do this anymore.”
  • Followed by lots of kisses.

With so much to see in Killarney, Melly was particularly frustrated with this episode. Lourdes added that if Kaitlyn’s entire week was spent feeling guilty and reassuring guys, it’s no wonder why Kaitlyn was so frazzled.


Both Lourdes and Melly were concerned that Cupcake was dangerously close to the edge and overly upset. What most people don’t realize is that the Cliffs of Moher is rumored to be a place where people feel an odd compulsion to jump. Surely ABC knew this. Didn’t any of the producers think to warn Kaitlyn not to break up with Cupcake at the edge of a cliff? On another note, what was Cupcake”s connection with Kaitlyn, really? Did he really have the sort of connection that would cause him to sob uncontrollably?

Change in the Show

Why did Chris Harrison change the format of the show? Is it truly because Kaitlyn and Nick have already slept together? It sure seems that way to us!

Ben Z

We believe that as Ben Z watches this season of the Bachelorette, he may realize that he actually “dodged a bullet.” We have no understanding of how Kaitlyn can keep Nick and send Ben Z home. Even Jared, as nice as he is, is no comparison to Ben Z. What is she thinking? Of course, this now makes Ben Z available as a future “Bachelor.” We’d love to see Ben Z as the next Bachelor and if you agree with us, let’s storm Chris Harrison with tweets!


Melly’s Weird Random Observation of the Week

Kaitlyn was obsessively poking at her ponytail on her date with Cupake. We have no idea why she was doing that. Was it a nervous tick? Melly has no idea what was up with Kaitlyn’s hair during this episode.

The only guy wearing a tie at the Rose Ceremony was Nick.

There was a secret door in the Libary that Kaitlyn visited with one of the guys. The door looked like a wall of books.

Nick continues to wear his bracelet and he continues to wear his Claddagh ring. He’s wearing the ring on his right hand with the heart facing inward. An inward facing heart means that “he is taken.” The question is, does Nick know the symbolism?

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Question of the Week

Who has been kissed more – the Blarney Stone or Kaitlyn?

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