Kaitlyn confesses

Kaitlyn confesses

Kaitlyn confesses to Shawn, but never bothers to tell Ben H anything. Meanwhile, much to Kaitlyn’s relief, Ben H confesses that he is NOT a virgin. Finally, Nick shows Kaitlyn all about confessionals. We cover all of this and more in this episode of Reality Sisters!

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Ben H

How wonderful is it that Ben H wants to spend quality, alone time with Kaitlyn getting to know her? But Kaitlyn seemed horrified at the prospect of “talking” with Ben H all night long.  She was so surprised that he might actually want to talk to her in the Fantasy Suite that she asked Ben H if he was a virgin. What is Kaitlyn thinking? Married life is not all about “gettin’ busy.”  Kaitlyn should be relieved and flattered that someone wants to actually get to know her.

Furthermore, Kaitlyn confessed to Shawn that she went to far with Nick. Why didn’t she feel it necessary to let Ben H know the same thing? Perhaps it is because the only two men truly “in the running” are Nick and Shawn.


Kaitlyn sent Joe home but the way she did it was odd. Joe was confused and so were we. Joe had no idea, and frankly, we had no idea that she was sending him packing. The whole exchange with Joe was strange but we are glad that she sent him home if she’s not interested.


We were so surprised that Kaitlyn sent Jared home. They truly seemed to have a great connection and Kaitlyn seemed so happy and relaxed when she was with him. We are sad to see Jared go. Mostly, Jared showed his true colors. Jared is such a gentleman. Even though Kaitlyn sent him home, his whole concern was about whether or not Kaitlyn was cold. There aren’t many men like Jared, ladies. Jared would be a great Bachelor and most of all, he is proof positive the chivalry is still alive and well. If you agree with us, let’s let Jared know via Twitter by clicking below to tweet.



Kaitlyn’s confession to Shawn has left us with more questions. First, his reaction was not what we expected. Why does he keep saying “I can’t give up on this girl?” Is Shawn really that in love with Kaitlyn or is it a competition thing? Why didn’t Kaitlyn tell any of the other guys? Also, she didn’t tell Nick that she was telling Shawn. Since she didn’t tell Ben H – does that mean that she’s not interested enough in Ben H to tell him about sleeping with Nick? If she isn’t interested in Ben H why isn’t she sending Ben H home? Why does she care if Ben H is a virgin or not if she doesn’t care enough of Ben H to tell him what happened?

It seems by reading social media that many people have “lost their taste” for Shawn based on his reaction to Kaitlyn’s confession. Melly has respect for Shawn too because she thinks he came across as weak. She wishes he would speak his truth. Maybe this is more about competition than love for Shawn and maybe he doesn’t even realize it.

Melly’s Weird Random Observation of the Week

Melly has several odd observations for this week. Melly keeps noticing Kaitlyn’s bad hair with a broader part than in the past. Does Kaitlyn have gray roots or a wider part? Nick is still wearing his bracelets but not the claddagh ring. Instead, Nick is wearing a silver ring on his right hand. Kaitlyn is wearing a nose ring. All the men had a handkerchief at the Rose Ceremony except Ben H.


Kaitlyn’s date with Nick was predictable and uneventful. We wondered if Nick and Kaitlyn slept together again after she confessed to “regretting” going to far last time. Kaitlyn talked about a  spiritual connection that she and Nick share but we don’t see it. Finally, Melly didn’t like Kaitlyn’s practical joke about the Fantasy Suite but Lourdes did think it was funny.

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Question of the Week

How do you think Shawn should have reacted?

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