Freaks Come Out at NIght - Ben HigginsOur heads are spinning after this premier episode of The Bachelor with Bachelor Ben Higgins. We really liked Ben in Kaitlyn’s season so we look forward to enjoying his season with you.

Just remember, our commentary on the podcast and in the posts are only our personal opinions provided for your entertainment purposes. Sadly, we have no insider information of any kind. We’d love for you to share your opinions too!

What struck us most are all of the crazy entrances by the ladies. Certainly they have outdone themselves in their creativity. But we wonder if some of those entrances and some of those ladies are are just way too over-the-top! In The Bachelor, as in all things, “the freaks come out at night!”

Every season there seems to be one contestant who is particularly odd. This season, we have at least two – “Mandi the Dentist” and “Lace the First Kiss Girl.”  Is Mandi the Dentist more interested in falling in love with Ben’s teeth than Ben himself or is she simply using her 15 minutes of fame to promote her dental practice? Melly didn’t seem to mind the close-up of Ben’s pearly whites but Lourdes would have rathered that the producers and editors pass on that segment. Melly was just glad that Mandi wasn’t “some other kind of doctor.”

As for Lace the First Kisser, we are clearly in for some delicious drama with her! From the first kiss, to the excessive drinking, to the asking for another kiss, to the “you’re not looking at me enough” drama – it would seem like we (and Ben) are in for a wild ride with Miss Lace.

Of course production always has a little “something something” else up their proverbial sleeves and this season we get to see some favorites from Chris Soules season – specifically Becca and Amber. Neither of us remember Amber that well except that we liked her. We are looking forward to seeing Becca again.



Speaking of  Chris Soules, why would Ben get advice from Chris of all people? He chose the wrong woman for the wrong reason and threw away a chance at real love with Becca. What’s our proof? He and Whitney broke up! (We tried to warn you Whitney!)

Other notable contestants so far are as follows

  • The Twins: Will they prove to be Ben’s dream or nightmare? Dating sisters may prove to be very tricky!
  • Olivia: She got “The First Impression Rose” because she left her job to go on The Bachelor. (So what they all did!)
  • Leah: I’ve got a football between my legs and I know how to use it!
  • Shushanna: Will she ever speak in English to Ben or will Ben be forced to quickly learn Russian to communicate with her?
  • Lace: Yes, her again! Does she have a tattoo on her ring finger and if so, what is the significance?

Some of the contestants we will miss

  • Laura “Red Velvet”: We liked her manner and we thought she was pretty. She seemed classy.
  • Tiara The Chicken Enthusiast: Lourdes, in particular, feels an affinity for all animal lovers and would have loved to learn more about Tiara’s pet chickens.

Well, in this first episode a lot happened. Ben reminded us that he felt unloveable. We got to meet his youthful looking parents. We learned that he was dumped after his first kiss. One of the contestants rolled in on a hoverboard and the hoverboard did not blow up (thankfully). Our heads were spinning with the number of possible women for Ben. He had 28 and sent home just 7.

We both predict a very fun and drama filled season!

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