iwillcatchyouWe absolutely loved seeing Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in this episode. In fact, Kevin Hart, Caila and Ben gave us a lot to laugh about. Warning…we laughed a lot and you will too when you listen to this episode! Just remember, our commentary on the podcast and in the posts are only our personal opinions provided for your entertainment purposes. Sadly, we have no insider information of any kind. We’d love for you to share your opinions too!

The show began with an inexplicable Bachelor group date called “Bachelor High.” Really, ABC, are we really back in high school? The “Queen” got to ride around a car with Ben for about 30 seconds after countless contests to earn her title and tiara. Perhaps the only thing Ben can learn from this at all is whether the girls are high-maintenance or able to get along with others. We are honest in that neither one of us would have placed Indiana properly on the map and lament our lack of knowledge of geography. We have to remedy that. In short, neither one of us could have done any better. At least we know that New Mexico is a state in our Union unlike one of the contestants in the Chris Soules season who thought that New Mexico was in Mexico, bless her heart.

The Home Coming Queen was Mandi. We applaud her unbelievable ability to run. Mandi would give Forest Gump himself a run for his money! She smoked Amber. It was not even close. Mandi, girl, you are fast! But after all that winning and sacrifice all she got was a ride around the track in a car with Ben while wearing a tiara. At least this wasn’t the worst Bachelor/Bachelorette date ever.

We were so glad that Ben chose Caila for his very first one-on-one. Obviously she made an impression on Ben by jumping and running into his arms. This means that Ben is both strong and Caila is very small. If any of the other girls ran at him he might have fallen back. Heck, if one of us ran at Ben we bet we could knock him over.

We were so excited to see Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. We love them both and think they are super funny. But did you see Ben standing next to them? In one scene it was clear that Kevin Hart and Ice Cube were standing on a step with Ben below them. Ben was still taller than both of them and much, much taller than Kevin. In fact, Kevin and Caila are the same height according to our non-scientific research on the Internet – and we know the Inter-webs never lie! So we can’t help but wonder…If Kevin Hart had run and jumped in Ben’s arms, could Ben have caught him? We’d really like to know!

If you share our dream of having Kevin Hart run and jump into Ben’s arms, tweet with us below. Heck, even if you don’t share our dream, do it just for fun. You know you want to.


We were so glad that Caila got a rose from Ben. She was a great sport during their Ride Along “cheap” date. We see a promising future for those two. They definitely seemed to have real chemistry.

The Love Lab group date was just horrible. The date was especially bad for Samantha who found out that she either smells sour or like “passion fruit” (yeah right) to Ben. I mean really, ABC, what is she supposed to smell like after running on a treadmill? The whole thing was humiliating for Samantha. Also, did the Love Lab scores color Ben’s judgement? How could they not?

Olivia is quite sure that Ben is the one for her. How can she possibly be so sure without really knowing him? We discussed how she looks so much like Cameron Diaz. She looks like she could be Cameron’s sister. In fact, she is quite a beautiful woman but why is her mouth always open? But again we go back to the Love Lab. Did Olivia get the rose because of her Love Lab score? Was that scoring really fair to Ben?

LB refused the rose and we really don’t know why other than Ben said the process was just too much for her. It was surprising but it’s a realistic thing to happen. Not everyone has instant chemistry with someone just because they are the Bachelor or Bachelorette. But he said that LB refusing the rose allowed him to keep someone else.. So all of the women who got the rose after LB must have been wondering if they were going to get a rose, or if they just got a rose because LB refused hers. The last person to get the rose was Amber. Does this mean that he would have sent Amber home if LB had accepted her rose?

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