Is Ben Sending Signals to OliviaIn this episode we explore some of life’s most pressing questions including: “Is Ben sending secret signals to Olivia?” Well, Olivia certainly thinks so. Just remember, our commentary on the podcast and in the posts are only our personal opinions provided for your entertainment purposes. Sadly, we have no insider information of any kind. We’d love for you to share your opinions too!


The first one-on-one date went to Jubilee. For some reason Jubilee starting acting all tough and disinterested in front of the girls. Jubilee asked if someone else wanted to go out on her date – you know, since the helicopter is kinda scary. What we want to know is how did Olivia not jump in on Jubilee’s challenge to take over her date? That would have been such an “Olivia thing” to do.

As tough as Jubilee started out acting it seems like Jubilee feels like she doesn’t fit in. Perhaps she is overcompensating for her insecurities. Ben was wonderful and gave her validation that she needed. We actually both like Jubilee and realize that much of what she says is just a joke. She also has seen very hard times and, obviously, has had to be really tough to survive. She is the last living member of her family, after all. Fortunately, she did open up to Ben and they seemed to click. We think Ben is really handling things well so far. Melly only has one beef with him and it is his overuse of the word “like.” Of course, Melly keeps saying “like” over and over again herself during the podcast – which was comical for sure!

All of the girls got jealous when Jubilee was massaging Ben -but so what of it? Jubilee thought of it and the other girls did not. No one should be there to make “friends” with everyone. Friendships are nice. But the girls should be there for Ben. In this respect especially we are team Jubilee all the way. Why Amber took it upon herself to confront Jubilee and chastised Jubilee in front of Ben is a mystery. Ben handled it perfectly letting Amber know that he thinks highly of Jubilee. Amber got a rose this week but that was before the confrontation with Jubilee. We fear that Amber’s behavior at the cocktail party may prevent her from getting another rose in the future.

Lauren B

Does Ben like to fly or does ABC like to scare people? Fortunately, Lauren B is a stewardess so, hopefully, flying in a bi-plane is not so scary for her. We look forward to the day when someone says they’re not going to do whatever the date is because it’s too frightening. We wondered if ABC asks them what they are willing to do and what they are not willing to do for love before they are cast. What could happen if a contestant refused to do something specific on a date? That would be great television!

So if you’d like to let ABC and Chris Harrison know that we are looking forward to someone saying “no” someday to the scary date, tweet the following with us.



We were sad to see Shushanna go. Shushanna is obviously very strong because she carried Rachel into the house. How do you let a girl go that literally carries a cast-mate because the cast-mate is injured. In fact, we wondered if Shushanna could have carried Kevin Hart. If you have no clue what we mean by this “Kevin Hart inside secret” listen to the prior episode.

Cocktail Party

Ben is not quite himself that night because he has just learned that a couple who are beloved friends of his family have died in a tragic accident. Ben asks the ladies for their understanding. The girls seek to console him in his grief but not Olivia. Instead, Olivia talks about her cankles and fat toes. How in-love can she be with him if she has no empathy for his grief? We think Olivia is there just for the competition. Seems like the other girls are picking up on Olivia’s motives too. There is a rumor going around in the house that Olivia spent $40,000 on clothes for this season. Could this be true? Surely ABC gives them an allowance because all of those different gowns must get expensive. But then we find out what is really going on in Olivia’s head. She believes that she has a telepathic connection with Ben. Olivia keeps talking about the secret signals that she gets from “her man.” Is she insane? Is he really giving her these signals? We really don’t think that he’s sending signals even though he likes her for certain.

Sadly, Lace gave herself the heave-ho. Apparently she left to go find herself. We get to see her again on Bachelor in Paradise apparently. So we are really looking forward to seeing her again over the summer. The drama and fun that she’ll surely bring to that show will be delicious!

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