Ben Higgins gets down on one kneeWe couldn’t believe that Ben got down on one knee so early in the season. Of course, while it did involve marriage, it wasn’t quite what anyone was expecting – especially Becca! We explore Becca’s dream date and more in this episode of Reality Sisters!

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This episode takes place in Las Vegas! Vegas is one of Lourdes’ favorite places ever. If you have never been there before, it is more than what you can imagine. Being in Vegas is an overwhelming experience – in a good way. We talk about the beauty of Vegas and how there is so much more to enjoy there beyond gambling. If you’re a foodie, Vegas is your city. Shopping is beyond belief. You can get totally pampered in any of the myriad of luscious spas. There’s so much to do. Just walking through the hotels is an experience unto itself!


JoJo was whisked away in a helicopter! Another flying date. Of course, if you’re going to have to go on a “flying date”, Vegas is the city to do it. To be in a helicopter over The Strip would be amazing. Clearly both JoJo and Ben enjoyed their time together. However, we are sad that we didn’t get to see more of JoJo’s date. We suspect that we didn’t get to see more of her date because of the add-on twins’ date at the end. But we can’t help but want more! We’d love it if ABC offered bonus footage for free or even extended bonus footage for pay. We’d pay to access extended bonus footage like CBS does with Big Brother. If you agree with us, help us to take the message to ABC and tweet the following with us!


Talent Show

We generally don’t like these “show things” that ABC seems to do every season. How do these things really move relationships further at all. We must say, however, that the twins doing the Irish Step Dancing was so good!

Of course, all of the girls were talking about Olivia. We both felt so uncomfortable for her. Olivia should have just laughed things off rather than carry on about how poorly she did. In this way, she would have been portraying herself as a goofy, good-sport. She also would have been well-advised not to bend over during the shimmy portions of her “dance.” To be honest this reminded us of the Elaine character dancing on Seinfeld. But we both agree that if she had just kept a positive attitude it would have helped. Apologizing incessantly to Ben was a very bad idea.



The beautiful wedding dress and Ben down on his knee was quite the moment in the whole episode. Lourdes was very excited about the prospect of Becca and Ben from the beginning. Now, finally, Melly is excited too. This was perhaps the best date yet this season (at least Lourdes thinks so). Regardless, from the beautiful gown to Ben “proposing” to Becca this was certainly the most memorable date of this episode. Ben even said that he saved that particular date for her. How sweet! Ben and Becca talked about her virginity but Ben mentioned something about not being a virgin. Melly said that she thinks Ben’s status as a virgin or not came up last season in a conversation with “the guys.” But we did a little “investigative reporting.” Actually we did a Google search – ha! Here’s what we found out. Becca got the rose at the end of her date and we’re so happy she did.

Is It Weird to do This Twice?

Melly keeps thinking that it must be weird for Becca and Ben to do this “twice.” Of course, it makes sense for the Bachelor to have been a prior contestant because it gives them empathy for those vying for his attention. No matter how you look at it, going through The Bachelor or The Bachelorette in any fashion must be very odd.

The Twins

While we were heart broken that he had to send one of the twins home, we understand. Of course, it would be so awkward to date two sisters, let alone twins. Also, the timing for sending one of them home was good as the twins were literally “home.” They live with their mom in Vegas. The only other thing Ben could have done was send both of the twins home at the same time. But I guess Ben didn’t them both home because he sees a future with one of them – Emily. Emily also happens to be the one that their mom said was more outgoing. Did their mom sway his decision? No doubt it was wise to end things early with at least one of them. We don’t see Emily being “the one” for Ben though. Maybe he was holding back because of Haley. We’ll see.

Caila the Tigress Sex-Panther

Caila the Sex Panther

Ben’s comment on Caila was a little weird. Of course, you know that Caila will now forever be known as Tigress or the Sex-Panther but we think that is so much better than being known as the Awkward-Shimmy-Girl-With-Fat-Toes-And-Cankles. Congrats Caila on your new moniker!

The Cocktail Party

We were sad to see Amber go but do think that her behavior with Jubilee may have been the last straw for Ben. Amber just never seemed to get any sort of real attention from Ben. We think the chemistry was never there to begin with. So while we feel for Amber, we can’t say we were surprised. We know there is someone just perfect for Amber waiting for her. Ben just wasn’t the one.

We thought Olivia was not going to get a rose. But Olivia thinks the fact that she got the very last rose was another secret message that Ben shared with her. She thinks that was his way of telling her that he saved “the best for last.” Our theory, is that he was torn about who to give the final rose to and that she almost didn’t make the cut.

We’re looking forward to Mexico next week. Could they be going to Mexico City?

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