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In this episode we talk about the premiere episode of JoJo’s Bachelorette season. As with the start of other seasons, the first night is tough. There are so many potential suitors and not enough time to really get to know any of them. We remembered some of them, but certainly not all of them.

Just remember, our commentary on the podcast and in the posts are only our personal opinions provided for your entertainment purposes. Sadly, we have no insider information of any kind. We’d love for you to share your opinions too!



Here’s the rundown on our initial impressions:

  • Melly liked Jordan best
  • Melly liked  Daniel least
  • Lourdes liked Christian best
  • Lourdes liked Jonathan least

Other notables:

  • Nick B. Why didn’t he take his beard off? The day will come that he has to take the Santa outfit off.
  • James Taylor – His name? Right? Is he on the show to find love or to promote his career?
  • Ali is amazingly gifted. He is a bartender! We thought for sure he a concert pianist.

Next in alphabetical order:

  • Brandon is a hipster. We’d like to know how one can make money as a hipster. If you make money as  hipster please let us know.
  • Jordan looks like Shawn Booth (from the Kaitlyn Bristowe season)
  • Alex the Marine – Thank you for your service.
  • Chad – Looks like from the previews that he will be the token “bad boy” of the season.
  • Chase – We don’t remember him.
  • Coley – We have no idea how to say his name and we don’t remember him.
  • Derek – We don’t remember him. Was he the one who said he looked like Harry Potter?
  • Evan – Got poked in the belly button. Lourdes doesn’t like his like his hair, smirk or moustache and looks like the cartoon evil villain.
  • Grant – We both agreed that he’s hot. Melly thinks he looks like Jason Taylor.
  • Jake – We don’t remember him other than he was sent home.
  • James F. – Lourdes thinks he looks like a werewolf. Melly doesn’t get that and doesn’t remember him.
  • James S.  – His occupation is Bachelor superfan. We want to know how someone supports themselves as a Bachelor Superfan. We also want to know if you can be a Hipster and Bachelor Superfan at the same time.
  • Luke – He was the one who came in the horse. Melly worried about the horse but we are sure ABC took care of the horse.
  • Nick S. – Was sent home and we don’t remember him.
  • Peter- We can’t remember him.
  • Robby – Has the same popular swoopy hairstyle that seems to be so popular these days.
  • Sal – Lourdes was sad to see Sal sent home. Melly wasn’t as impressed.
  • Vinny – We both liked him.
  • Wells – Melly likes his name and appreciated the him bringing All-4-One to meet JoJo for the first time. We would both really like to have our lives soundracked. Wouldn’t you?
  • Will – Poor Will has no game. He dropped the cards and then did that folding paper kiss thing that was embarrassing.

We were glad that they didn’t bring in prior Bachelor, Jake Pavelkaike, like they bround in Nick on Kaitlyn’s season. We’re also glad Nick didn’t try to get on this season.

So what are your thoughts? Who did you like? Who didn’t you like? Any early predictions?

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