Chad on the Bachelorette eatingIn this episode we talk about the second episode of JoJo’s Bachelorette season.This episode was dominated by Chad, ABC’s obvious villain for JoJo’s season. But we wonder, how villainous (and hungry) is he really?

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Chad is so “villainy”  we can’t help but wonder if he is truly “for real.” His behavior and comments to the camera are so extreme we can’t help but wonder if he is an actor. As much as we appreciate a good Bachelor/Bachelorette villain, we have to note that Chad is not wrong about some things. In fact he is right – he can’t be in love with JoJo because he doesn’t even know her.

Who could truly be in love with someone they don’t know at all? Had he just softened his approach he would come across as the very wise and very real man in the group. Instead he chose to call JoJo a nag. There is a fine line between swagger/confidence and jerkiness.

We wonder, if he is the kind of guy who is going to want to control his woman more and more. Maybe he meant the nag comment as a joke but he would have been well advised not to go there. His voracious appetite is likely very normal for a man who lifts weights and works out as much as he does. However, eating, during the Rose Ceremony was just weird. Lourdes fully expected him to burp while he was accepting his rose. Melly thinks that he’s playing up his personality to the audience. Regardless, it is obvious, that Chad is going to provide some awesome entertainment and for that we thank ABC.

But there’s more to JoJo’s quest to find her husband, than just Chad, of course. The first group date started off in a scary way with what seemed like JoJo’s limo bursting into flames. We hope that the men had been forewarned because clearly no one was freaking out or trying to save her. We both loved little Wells and are glad that he got the rose. He tried so hard! Of course, Grant won and we’re glad he did. Luke also made a great impression.

During the second group date James Taylor got the rose. He’s very sweet and the exact opposite of Chad. Her heart was touched for sure. As much as we like James T., we can’t help but notice that JoJo seems more attracted to Chad than James.

JoJo’s one-on-one date with Derek was fun. They look good together. Lourdes thinks they had obvious chemistry but Melly didn’t see it between them.

From the looks of the preview it is obvious that next week’s double episode will be quite something with Chad, again, square in the middle of it. We can’t wait!

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