Don't Poke the Chad BearWe think this is the best double episode of The Bachelorette and it’s all because of Chad. When they have 2 consecutive night shows, the Bachelorette gets great ratings. Of the double shows, this one was the highest rated ever. Let’s face it, love him or not Chad is good for ratings. With that said, it is important to note that we do not condone violence or threats in any way, shape or form. We can’t help but think that Chad is playing some kind of role.

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Melly did a little super-sleuthing and found out how to follow Chad on social media. Here are links to his accounts.
Chad on Facebook
Chad on Instagram
Chad on Twitter
Chad’s email

Wondering where the Bachelorette and her suitors stayed? Well, here’s a link to fabulous Nemacolin resort. It looks so beautiful! I want to stay there don’t you? If only someone could tell us how to pronounce “Nemacolin!”

Chad makes us wonder how much is “encouraged” for ratings? How many of the contestants are there for “love” and how many are there for fame or opportunity? Again, we say, that Chad has not been wrong is stating that it is impossible for all of these men to fall instantly in love with the Bachelorette just because you’ve been on a group date and spent 5 minutes with her. Chad’s delivery may be harsh for some but let’s face it, he’s telling the truth.

Yoga date with Chase
Melly would not have liked the date because it was so hot in the yoga room. Melly and I both know that in a similar situation, Melly would have “spontaneously combusted.” The anger thing was a little weird but it was a nice date all around. We have no clue how they both managed to look so good in such a hot room. We definitely don’t sweat so pretty. Do you sweat pretty?

Sex-talk group date
Another stupid group date. What on Earth is the point of this? Once again, Chad, was the voice of reason. Why tell the world about your past relationships? ABC was discreet but it’s just major TMI for national television. Yes we agree with JoJo that the physical portion of a relationship is very important but you need to get to know people first. Once again, on this in principle, we are #teamchad.

We realized also that Evan, did not take this opportunity to talk about himself. Instead he used this group date to make fun of Chad. What did Evan think was going to happen? We do not condone violence in any form. But Evan should have known what was going to happen when he came for Chad. This doesn’t excuse Chad, but it also doesn’t make Evan a lowly victim either. Thankfully Chad didn’t punch anyone but what does it say about Chad that he can’t control himself? He punches a door to the point where his hand bleeds. Evan set Chad up to look bad. Evan knew full well how Chad was going to react. So can it be argued that Chad was bullied by the other guys? Did Chad actually show great restraint by just asking over and over again to be left alone? How immature of many of the guys to spend their precious time being little “tattle tales” on Chad rather than concentrating on their own personal relationship with JoJo. In all of these reality tv series, those individuals that take it upon themselves to share how horrible someone else is, is always let go. The proverbial messenger always gets shot. Plus, who is Evan to tell JoJo who to keep or let go. We were disappointed in Chad, but even more disappointed in Evan.

Dancing date with James Taylor
We agreed that it was a cute and fun date. However, neither of us see any chemistry between them. He seems like he’d be a great husband and father but she doesn’t see in him what she sees in the others. He’s probably a good choice but he has no swagger and she definitely wants swagger. Remember though, ladies, the “bad boys” are only fun for a short while. After that they break your heart.

One-on-One with Luke
Melly thought he was quiet and reserved and we both thank him for his service. We definitely have respect for our military so it made Melly appreciate him. Melly didn’t see the chemistry. Lourdes likes him a lot and thinks he’s the total package for JoJo. Lourdes thinks she is totally in to him and Lourdes thinks he’s not in to her as much. It seemed like JoJo was the one pushing things forward and he just was going with the flow for the purpose of the show. Melly sees Luke just as being reserved and careful. His life in the military has matured him very quickly.

The Football Date
Evan is bleeding…again. The date seemed to be tailor-made for Jordan. Jordan was the quarterback for both sides, so he was going to get the extra time with JoJo no matter what. Is that really fair?They could have “evened it out” if Jordan was not the quarterback for either team. It seemed contrived to make sure that Jordan had more time with JoJo.  Poor James Taylor needed stitches but he kept on playing – he seems like such a sweet guy.

The Two-on-One Date Chad vs. Alex.
Alex wins. This was date absolutely set up to make sure Chad went home. We both like Alex but there doesn’t seem to be any chemistry between JoJo and Alex. If ABC was so concerned about Chad that they had to have security in the house to protect all of these big boys from Chad, why would they send them off on a hike through rocky hills and cliffs? Anything could happen in a desolate rocky area with an alleged volatile man. Plus it was a stupid date of sitting on a blanket and arguing. It was a bad pointless date. Hiking is fun and being out in nature is great, but the terrain was very rough. Plus the way she let Chad go was very cruel. JoJo seemed to get extra angry because he threatened Jordan. The only saving grace was that It was a very eerie end to the episode and at least we’ll get to see a little more of Chad before they let him go. The previews always seem to look more dramatic than what actually happens. We wonder how the next episode will actually compare to the previews.

Melly thinks that JoJo is very incredibly attracted to Jordan. Lourdes agrees but she doesn’t like Jordan for JoJo at all. We don’t like Jordan’s swoopy haircut. It’s way too swoopy.

Melly’s top 3: Chad, Chase, Derrick
Lourdes’ top 3: Chase, Derrick, Luke

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