Bachelorette TangoChad returns after walking in the dark and whistling. We thought there was going to be more to his return but it was a let-down. Nothing really happened. We can only guess that Chad came back because ABC told him to? We expected more and got nothing really. We are looking forward to the Chad drama on Bachelor in Paradise coming soon.

Meanwhile, JoJo and her men go to Buenos Aires, Argentina! What an amazing location. Wells was sent home after his first kiss with JoJo and Derick was sent home after the Two-On-One Tango.

Just remember, our commentary on the podcast and in the posts are only our personal opinions provided for your entertainment purposes. Sadly, we have no insider information of any kind. We’d love for you to share your opinions too!

Wells: We didn’t realize that Wells and JoJo hadn’t kissed. Melly sees him as a little boy. Lourdes sees him as being realistic. Melly just didn’t see the chemistry between them. But what a blow to his ego to finally kiss JoJo only to be sent home. We wish the best for Wells.

Derick: Derick was sent home and we were both so bummed. The 2-on-1 Date with Chase and Derick was cute with the Tango. Derick said something that really struck a chord with Melly. Melly liked how Derick said that he (Derick) was lucky to be on the date with JoJo. We don’t understand why JoJo wouldn’t find that attractive. There was a very different feeling and vibe with Chase vs Derick. It’s obvious that JoJo prefers the “proverbial unattainable bad-boy.” Being a “bad boy” does not equal strength. One has to be assured of themselves to be vulnerable – it’s something that we women often fail to recognize.

Alex and James T: Both of these guys received roses. In fact,  all of the remaining suitors, received a rose at the Rose Ceremony. The surprise made for good television but why would Alex and James T continue on the journey with Derick being sent home? The whole thing makes no sense. Did JoJo give them “pity roses?” We were expecting her to send them both home instead of giving them a rose each.

Robby: Melly doesn’t see as strong of a connection between Robby and JoJo. Why keep Robby but send Derick home? It’s a mystery.

Group Date: Luke received the rose and Lourdes likes him for JoJo a great deal. Melly says he seems complete emotionless. Yet JoJo referred to their chemistry as “craaaa zyyyy.” We both thought it was very cute how she said “craaa zyyy.”

Can we see them with JoJo at this point?
Alex: No
James T: No
Jordan: Yes (only because she likes him, we’re not fans).
Luke: Yes
Robby: Maybe (for Melly) – No (for Lourdes)
Chase: Yes

Melly’s final 2 prediction:
Jordan and Chase. Melly wouldn’t choose Jordan but recognizes that JoJo is completely smitten with Jordan.

Lourdes’s final 2 prediction:
Chase and Luke. Lourdes refuses to acknowledge how smitten JoJo is with Jordan.

Who Melly wants for the next Bachelor:

Who Lourdes wants for the next Bachelor: 
Derick, Chase or Luke

It is rumored that Nick Viall will be on Bachelor in Paradise. Could this be true? Carly (from Ben’s season) will allegedly be back in this season of Bachelor in Paradise. We can’t wait to see if this is true also!

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