Is Robby's Ex JoJo's Secret Twin?

We have a love-hate relationship with cliff-hanger episodes. But we must confess, the season is getting really good! We also have so many links and videos for you to look at. I can’t wait for you to read this post!

Just remember, our commentary on the podcast and in the posts are only our personal opinions provided for your entertainment purposes. Sadly, we have no insider information of any kind. We’d love for you to share your opinions too!


We commend Chase for being up-front about his parents’ divorce but Chase didn’t realize and apparently JoJo didn’t tell him that according to various articles on the Internet, JoJo’s mother was married previously. JoJo has half brothers. So what’s the big deal really that his parents were divorced?

Here are some articles on JoJo’s family. Take them as you will and do your own due diligence:

We both loved his family. We loved that Chase’s mother thought it  important that JoJo loves dogs. We were concerned, however, that Chase’s mom commented to Chase that JoJo seemed “fond” of him. Fond? What does fond mean when JoJo has admitted to being “crazy” and “falling in love” with some of the other men?


Lourdes thinks it was weird for them to visit Jordan’s High School. It’s been almost 10 years since Jordan has been in high school, after all. Melly thinks it is much more odd that no one in Jordan’s family will talk about Aaron at all. In fact, no one wants to even mention Aaron’s name. Is Aaron Voldemort from Harry Potter or something? We agreed that a family feud is not a deal breaker. Ideally it would be great if family could be close. But many families have internal strife and issues. We just think that JoJo needs to know and understand why so she can make an informed decision. Perhaps the family simply doesn’t want to speak on camera about the situation.

Caution: This link contains spoilers:

We also noticed that Jordan’s brother Luke has the same “swoopy” hair-style that is so popular right now.


We both loved Robby’s family and especially his mother who clearly loves her son. But we question whether or not Robby is over his ex-girl friend. Plus, check out the picture of Robby’s ex-girlfriend that we found. She looks so much like JoJo. In fact, she looks like a combination of Andi Dorfman and JoJo!

And if that was not enough it appears that Chad is dating Robby’s ex? Check this out?

Also Google “Robby Girlfriend Bachelorette” for more pictures of Robby’s ex.


We loved his family and loved how cute she looked. We love that Luke purchased the boots for her. We love that she looked so comfortable in her home state. We loved that Luke wanted to show her off to all of his friends and family. We love how emotional his dad got when speaking to him. Mostly, we loved loved loved when Luke told her that she has his heart. What more can he possibly say. That’s even better than “I love you.” The candle-lit walk-way with the heart was over-the-top romantic. We just don’t get her. The family property, riding horses, having big gatherings is just so idyllic.

Here are some videos on YouTube of Luke singing. He’s amazing! See for yourself!

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