JoJo's Final RoseJoJo has chosen her man and handed out the final rose. Are we happy about her choice? Well the only thing that matters is if JoJo is happy. Listen in and read below to find out what we think and our prediction.

Just remember, our commentary on the podcast and in the posts are only our personal opinions provided for your entertainment purposes. Sadly, we have no insider information of any kind. We’d love for you to share your opinions too!

Our main impressions based on this episode:

  1. Lourdes loved her light pink nail polish. We want to know what polish that is.
  2. Lourdes started to feel bad for Robbie and almost like him a little bit. He was certainly a gentleman with JoJo’s family and did all of the right things.
  3. JoJo talked about how the media was hurtful to JoJo and Jordan. The last thing we want to do is to hurt ANYBODY. We’re sorry that we are not thrilled about her and Jordan and don’t mean that in a hurtful way. It’s just our opinion, our impression based on a highly edited “reality” tv show, that Jordan is not the man for her.
  4. We had the impression that both of these guys just wanted to “win” not necessarily marry JoJo. For them it was a contest not a quest for love.
  5. The brothers were so easy on both Jordan and Robbie. They had been so tough on Ben when JoJo brought Ben home. What happened brothers? We were hoping the brothers would be just as tough.
  6. We love JoJo’s mother and think she asked great questions. Her father is sweet too!
  7. Why didn’t we get to hear something from JoJo’s sister? We would have loved to hear her opinion too.

Prediction: We predict that JoJo and Jordan won’t last and here’s why.

  1. Jordan was trying not to lie to her but also trying to tell her what she wanted to hear.
  2. Jordan didn’t ask for JoJo’s hand in marriage. Ok he did ask later, in a cheesy way, over the telephone. Asking for the parents’ blessing is a question one asks in person. For us it was too little too late and looked contrived.
  3. Jordan was deflecting when JoJo confronted him on not asking her dad for her hand in marriage. Instead of telling him that he either agreed or disagreed – or given some other reason – he blamed JoJo for it. That’s manipulative.
  4. JoJo’s mother called Jordan “a player” and said that JoJo was so blinded by love that she couldn’t see Jordan for what he is. We trust her mother’s intuition.
  5. The brothers told JoJo that she was being defensive about Jordan.
  6. If you’re having major issues and he’s trying to make you feel bad at the courtship stage, the relationship is in trouble long-term.

Life Lesson:

Listen to the people around you that know and love you most. You don’t have to do as they say, but stop, pause and listen.

Lourdes’ theory:

The angst, the chase, the rollercoaster drama of the relationship has some kind of pay off for JoJo as it does for many people. Hey, we’ve been there too! The drama is exciting but only exciting temporarily. The drama is exhausting and heart-breaking in the long-term.

Why do people do this?

Has anyone’s career ever benefited from being a contestant on the Bachelor or Bachelorette? Certainly other reality tv shows have led to careers for their cast members – The Real Housewives franchise, in particular, has had many success stories. But do any of the Bachelor or Bachelorette’s launch careers from their exposure?

The Rings:

Melly would have liked to have spent more time on the rings. She wanted to be able to review the rings in detail to be able to focus on the designs. Apparently the ring that Jordan selected was an $80,000 ring but Melly preferred Robbie’s ring. What happens if they break up? Does JoJo get to keep the ring? Melly thinks that perhaps JoJo should hold onto Jordan for a while so she can keep the ring – ha! Lourdes noticed that the rings are not like a traditional solitaire.

Who is the next Bachelor?

Who is the Next Bachelor?

It’s looking like it will be Chase or Luke but we know nothing and could be totally wrong. Do you prefer one over the other or would you prefer someone else?

Bachelor in Paradise

We're Covering Bachelor in Paradise

We’ll be covering Bachelor in Paradise next and are looking forward to all of the havoc wreaking that Chad himself will do. Mostly we can’t believe we’ll be talking about Nick Viall …again.

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