Hot Pepper Kissing is GrossAnd so we began a new show – Bachelor in Paradise 2016! Melly likes the break to a less structured show where the contestants can just be free to get to know one another more casually. Lourdes likes seeing some of the “old favorites” from past seasons. She feels like we can get to know them better. Sure the opening song is cheesy and silly. But isn’t that what we love best about this show in particular! Join us as we break down all of the mayhem and dish on Bachelor in Paradise with you.

Just remember, our commentary on the podcast and in the posts are only our personal opinions provided for your entertainment purposes. Sadly, we have no insider information of any kind. We’d love for you to share your opinions too!

Opening Song and Our Schedule for This Show

The opening song is like a goofy 1980’s sitcom and that makes us love it! We love how the cast doesn’t take themselves very seriously at all. Lourdes loves the iguana while Melly likes Jorge the bar tender. We both love the resort – Playa Escondida. What a stunning location!

There are 2 episodes each week of Bachelor in Paradise followed by the After Paradise show. We will record our commentary once weekly to cover that week’s shows. We will record on Wednesday and publish late Wednesday or Thursday. It takes us a little bit because we have to edit the show and process it for your best listening experience.

The Chad

We love how Chad has a new moniker – “The Chad.” It fits him perfectly, don’t you think. We continue to think that his persona is all made for tv. For example, he was certainly playing to the camera when he was sent home. Surely he’s an actor. His statement of, “I’ll never be The Bachelor, what will I do now.” is completely ridiculous and we loved it. Plus the creepy whistle was so funny. If nothing else, he has been so much fun to watch. We do recognize that he said very hurtful and inappropriate things to people and we don’t condone that. Chad, sometimes you go too far, dude. But we can’t help ourselves, we are both Chad fans. He is fun to watch. We do want to point out that on the After Paradise show Chad did apologize to Sarah and we’re glad he did. What he said to her was completely wrong but we’re glad that he apologized.

Fake Eyelashes/Hair Extensions

Melly noticed that all of the girls had fake eyelashes on. Everyone’s lashes look long and pretty. Lourdes has no clue where to get them but Melly said they can be found everywhere. In fact, a quick search on Amazon revealed “a zillion” options. Check out all of these eyelash choices.

Hot Pepper Date 

The eat the hot pepper and then kiss date was awful. The gross saliva string was disgusting. Poor Carly always gets the weird dates. This was truly worse than the weird sex position date with Chris Soules. But we love Carly and loved her commentary. The difference between Carly and Evan’s perception on their dates and encounters was quite entertaining. We must admit that we do feel bad for Evan. We hope that his feelings were not hurt by Carly’s commentary. However, Carly did the right thing in letting him know that she had no romantic interest in him.

We just can’t get enough of Carly and her humor. We both want her as a “bff.” Lourdes predicts a bright future as a commentator on television. Melly follows Carly on Twitter and says she’s great fun to follow.

The Omnipresent and Ubiquitous Nick

We have to admit that Nick is growing on us in Bachelor in Paradise. He truly seems like a nice guy. Nick did mention that Andi Dorfman wrote a tell-all book and he thought that the portions about him (Nick) in the book were accurate. He said that Andi did not have nice things to say about Josh.  So, Nick surmised, if he felt his portrayal in the book was accurate, then he supposes that Josh’s must be also. Therefore, the “real Josh according to Andi” is not someone any woman would want to be involved with, according to Nick. We haven’t read the book, but we’re planning to now that Nick has brought it to light. Click below to check out the book for yourself. Read it now, because we’ll be dishing on it in a future episode for sure!

Amanda and Josh

Did Josh pick Amanda because Nick had just had a date with her? Is Josh really that childish or is he actually really attracted to Amanda? Why were Josh and Amanda kissing so much? Did they ever take a breath?  Were the paramedics called in for emergency chapstick? We have so many questions about these two. Mostly we wonder why they are kissing incessantly in front of everyone for hours. But the most important question of all is why were they not chosen for the hot pepper kiss? Clearly they would have gone on for days and beat any world record.

More Evan

We felt bad that Evan’s feelings were hurt. He truly has zero game but he does deserve love. His made-up date card to take Amanda to a tree house was gutsy. But why pick Amanda with so many other available girls – girls that were not permanently cemented to another man’s face? We only caught a glimpse of what will happen. Will Amanda unlock her lips from Josh long enough to tell Evan that she isn’t interested in a date with him? Anything could happen! We’ll all have to tune in next week to find out!

The Twins – Emily and Haley

All of the women on the show are pretty. But honestly how are all of the men not going after the twins. They are adorable, funny and pretty. Plus they offer great commentary also. We love that they are on the show. Their portrayal of Leah was priceless. Their fun with Daniel and his Canadian accent and his manner of speaking was simply cute. We love the twins are and thrilled to be able to watch them this summer.

The trick (switcheroo) the twins played on Brandon on their date was funny. Clearly he can’t tell them apart as much as he says he can. We’ll see where it goes with him. We can’t wait to see how it progresses with him.

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