Josh Murray Sweating

Josh Murray Sweating

Well, Reality Sisters and Brothers, we’re right in the thick of things with this Bachelor in Paradise season. Josh’s weird moaning and creepy horrible noises every time he eats or kisses Amanda is bested only by his profuse sweating. We can’t blame him, of course, as he is in Mexico without any air conditioning. Bachelor in PARADISE. We think not! ABC…please get them some ceiling fans! Of course how do the women keep their make up on somehow. I wonder how they do that!

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Evan and Carly

So it appears that Evan feigned illness in order to woo Carly. We kind of think that’s a weird way to court someone and apparently so does Carly. But, by her own admission, she has a thing for “weird.” Evan is a good guy for certain. We just wonder if there is truly any hope for them. Plus, Evan liked Carly, then Amanda and then Carly again. Does he really like this women or is he desperate? Only time will tell.

Josh “Ain’t No Chad”

Before you start writing us, yes, we do know that “ain’t no” is completely grammatically incorrect. But it’s fun to say it that way and it helps to get the point across. Bottom-line, Josh thinks he has swagger, but he does not. Sure Chad was a hot mess, but the Chad-bear didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately Josh’s weird (this is apparently the weird episode) moaning while he eats and kisses is just grossing us out.


We didn’t think it was possible but Caila looked even more beautiful than she looked on Ben’s season. According to Melly, her hair was particularly captivating. Lourdes saw online that Caila says she uses a product called Aussie’s 3 minute miracle. We can’t confirm whether this is true or not, but Lourdes found the product on Amazon here and will be trying it out and reporting back. You can try it too and let us know what you think of it! Will it give us all Caila hair? Time will tell!

Jared is quite smitten with Caila and we agree with what everyone was saying about him suddenly lighting up when he saw her. They may actually have a chance at happiness if he could just move passed one thing…

Ashley I

Clearly we can’t speak of Jared without mentioning Ashley I. But Ashley we want you to know that you are devastatingly beautiful. In fact, there are very, very, very few women as beautiful as you in the world. You have a great body, your hair and make-up are always perfect. You have an exotic look about you. Honestly, girl, you could get anyone you wanted. At least get a guy who can grow in a decent beard (ala Chad…here we go again with Chad). Jared is a nice guy with a weird beard. Stay friends and move on. Nick is, once again, right. You are NOT in love, you are obsessed. Get over him!

The Double Date

We must admit that we don’t know what the point was of this double date with Lace, Grant, Izzy and Vinny.. We’re just glad Lace didn’t get so drunk as to cause an international incident. Melly sees a future for Lace and Grant. Lourdes does not. What do YOU think?

Jen and Nick

Perhaps there is hope for Nick yet and we must admit, Nick is growing on us. He seems to be the “voice of reason” this season and we’re seeing a brand-new Nick. His eyes are all for Jen and we wish them well.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Melly read online (not from a reputable source) that ABC requires the women appearing on the Bachelorette franchise to be a size 6 or smaller. We cannot confirm that. However, there are even more rumors online that the average size of the female contestants is a size 6. Maybe one of those rumors is true. We might never know. What do you think?

We’re concerned for the twins. Will they be able to stay? Why aren’t the men going after the twins? It’s a complete mystery.

When do more guys arrive? There are a whole lot of women and not that many men right now.

We haven’t read Andi’s book but Lourdes will this week and report back on the dirt. Of course, Josh explained the book away as being a work of fiction. But Evan asked a very good question. If Andi’s portrayal of Josh is both bad and untrue, why isn’t Josh suing Andi for libel? Perhaps it is true? Perhaps Josh wants it to just fade away and doesn’t want to give it any publicity. Who knows.

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