Ashley I Cries - Bachelor in ParadiseAshley’s tears are so powerful, that they managed to keep her in Paradise even when she wasn’t chosen in The Rose Ceremony. And while certainly Ashley’s histrionics are a big part of this week’s episodes, a lot more happened too. So very much happened.

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Ashley I

This week is full of questions including: Why does Ashley just get to come back because she’s crying? Why does Jared do her bidding just because she cries? Was this whole Ashley returning thing contrived by production? Is that why she didn’t have to get special permission from Chris Harrison? What is the purpose of a Rose Ceremony if all someone has to do is cry in order to stay? But the most important question of all – what kind of bullet-proof makeup is Ashley wearing? That makeup is so good it never ever runs when she cries!


Everything about Ashley I centers around Jared. Which leads us to conclude that Jared needs to “man up.” Yes, he did tell Ashley, in no uncertain terms, that he wasn’t interested. However, his behavior is confusing and enables Ashley in her hysterics. Plus, doesn’t he see that Ashley manipulates him? Jared is allowing himself to be told what to do and what to think. He needs to distance himself from Ashley for his own sake as well as Ashley’s. The whole situation is completely unhealthy for both of them. We predict that if something doesn’t change and change quickly, Jared will lose Caila and any hope of any future relationship with any other woman too! Who would want to get in the middle of some weird love triangle with Ashley and Jared?

Doesn’t Ashley Recognize Her Own Worth?

We can all see that Ashley is quite stunning – why can’t she see it too? She is truly one of the most beautiful women in the world. She is beyond gorgeous and has so much going for her. She needs to see and recognize both her inner and outer beauty and realize that she deserves someone who wants to be with her in a healthy way.

Ashley look at yourself. You have it all. You are stunning and hot and by the way, we loved your bathing suit. Value yourself first and everything else will follow. You don’t even seem to realize how awesome you are inside and out. You are blind to her own worth. Let Jared go.

Evan and Carly

Melly doesn’t understand why Bachelor producers always seem to send the contestants on sweaty dates. Of course, we all have come to learn that Melly doesn’t like the heat and we think her take on the “hot dates” is really funny.

As for the Evan and Carly’s relationship: Melly has trouble seeing them as a couple, but Lourdes thinks that Carly is making a very wise decision in at least giving Evan a chance. Evan apparently only sees the beauty in Carly and doesn’t care whether or not she is sweaty. Evan is truly a “nice guy.” Melly agrees that while Evan is nice, she believes that chemistry is important too. Whether Carly is attracted or not to him physically is obviously still developing. We’ll see how this progresses. It is interesting how sometimes someone is so awesome “on the inside” that they start to look great “on the outside” and vice versa. Is this what is happening with Carly?

Jade and Tanner

It was good to see this couple again and we were excited to see that they gave the date to Jared and Caila. We can see why Jade and Tanner made that decision, but we don’t see Jared and Caila lasting unless Jared gets things straightened out with Ashley I.


Caila is beautiful. Lourdes is not pleased that the women on the show and on the after-show continually talk about Caila being too perfect and therefore “fake.” Lourdes thinks that people are just jealous of Caila. That jealousy is more telling of those calling Caila fake than of Caila.

Nick and Daniel

We are genuinely surprised at how these two men have become likable and “the voice of reason.” For the first time, Nick isn’t being a villain. He’s just being a normal guy who seems easy-going – just letting things happen. Nick seems like a completely different person. Was his prior persona something that he created? Was he really like that? Did the editing of the prior shows make him seem like a weasel? How did his image change so quickly? This “New Nick” helps us to understand more of what Andi and Kaitlyn saw in him.

Similarly Daniel has changed from Chad’s sidekick to just plain fun. We like how he speaks an unfiltered truth. Sure Daniel is a little, shall we say, “different.” But Daniel is entertaining and fun. We like Nick and Daniel and are very glad they are both on the show. Do you like them too?

Josh and Amanda

We thought it was very telling that Jade and Tanner didn’t give Josh and Amanda the date card. Josh clearly did all of the “right things” in front of Jade and Tanner. But Tanner said that it seemed like Josh’s behavior was put-on. Does Tanner know something that Amanda does not – at least yet?

Vinny and Izzy

To her credit, at least Izzy told Vinny sooner rather than later that she needed to end their relationship. However, Vinny was completely blind-sided. In the after show Izzy said that she regretted her actions and Vinny was asked if their relationship had a chance. We were so glad that Vinny said no. We were happy that Vinny thought enough of himself to realize that he needs someone who loves him for who he is. Ashley needs to learn from Vinny!

We also love Vinny’s mother so much. She cooks and brings meatballs -that’s the perfect mom! Plus, she’s a lot of fun and we love that she’s so passionate about her family. We would love to see Vinny as the next Bachelor but we think that might not happen. If history repeats itself, the next Bachelor will likely be Luke or Chase and we like them too.

Grant and Lace

Grant said “I love you” to Lace. Will Lace ever say it back? What do you think? Leave your comment below!

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