Earth Shattering News - Nick Viall Will Be the Next BachelorThe New Bachelor is…wait for it….Nick Viall! Before Bachelor in Paradise we would have been disappointed but he has definitely been different on Bachelor in Paradise. He seems calm. He has been the voice of reason. He just seems like a “cool guy.” The kind of guy you could be friends with. Some people are thrilled, other people are horrified.

Was he the victim of poor editing before or is he the beneficiary of favorable editing now? Maybe it is neither of those. Maybe Nick has matured. I guess we’ll find out. We don’t think he can fake his personality through an entire Bachelor season. One thing is certain. We can’t wait to see him as The Bachelor!

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Do you think that Nick seems like the typical “Bachelor?” Lourdes doesn’t think so. Melly thinks he looks like a ventriloquist doll with his smiley little face. Little smiley face or no, we’re looking at the new Bachelor, reality brothers and sisters.

Where things went sideways for Nick with the world (and Lourdes) is when he “outed” Andi as to the nature of their Fantasy Suite Night. He certainly wasn’t much of a gentleman. Of course, Lourdes read somewhere that he had tried to get a hold of Andi to get some kind of closure to their relationship and Andi refused to return his phone calls. Therefore, he asked Andi his question – the most inappropriate question ever  to be asked on national television because he figured it was his only opportunity. We still think it was a weasel move but he seems so different now.

One mystery remains: why did ABC spoil Bachelor in Paradise with the new Bachelor announcement? Have they ever spoiled their own show like that? Why didn’t they wait until the final episode to make the announcement? We might never ever know.

Andi Dorfman

Lourdes is reading Andi’s book and loves it. The book is well written and very fun. If you like “chick lit” you’ll love her book. If you like The Bachelor/Bachelorette you’ll love her book too. She certainly gives a lot of behind-the-scenes looks at how she got on the show and how she was chosen. As a fan of the show, that part was very fun to read.

She goes into detail about the guys that she dated during her time with The Bachelor franchise. She calls Juan Pablo – Number 1. Josh Murray is Number 26. Nick Viall is number 25. If you watched her season, there will be no mistaking who she is talking about. It is written from the point of view of just going through her breakup and speaking to a friend who is also going through a breakup. People have said that it is full questionable language – it is. People have said it is childish. It’s definitely not a serious, esoteric read. But if you like a fun read about one of your favorite Bachelorettes you’ll love her book.

You’ll learn in her book why she didn’t choose Nick. Is she making excuses for not choosing him or was she justified? You’ve got to read it to decide. One thing is for sure. Nick says that everything in her book about him is factual. Therefore, he supposes that everything about Josh in her book is likely true too. Who knows what the truth is? But to know that Nick thinks his part is accurate is certainly compelling. Some of the reviews about the book were not good. In fact, many of the reviews were harsh to say the least. Perhaps those readers didn’t understand what they were going to get. If you like the Bachelor franchise, you’ll like the book. Like The Bachelor it is a fun albeit sometimes cheesy escape.

Bachelor in Paradise has helped her book sales, no doubt. People are now even more anxious to find out what she has said about Nick and Josh. We suspect that the tension between Nick and Josh has helped Andi’s book and therefore, Andi has to be quite pleased….at least for the sake of her book.

Little known fact: Andi Dorfman is a member of Phi Mu sorority and so is Melly! So Melly and Andi are sisters (if only sorority sisters) in real life.

Check out Andi’s book at the link below:


Wells seemed like this cute, innocent, skinny little kid on JoJo’s season. Wells’ Facebook Page certainly shows Wells in a different light. There he posts video chats that he does about different reality television shows. In his videos he is supposedly drunk. He’s definitely funny in them if not a little pathetic. He’s quite snarky about the shows which makes it fun. Of course during Bachelor in Paradise he seems to be the most eligible Bachelor of all. Is he wanted because he’s the “last man standing” or is Wells secretly a stud-muffin? Maybe the answer is yes to both!

Everyone left

Everyone left this week. In addition to Caila leaving because she had enough of Ashley’s shenanigans, Jared followed Caila out the door because he didn’t have enough of Caila, Plus after the twins made their mad-dash towards the proverbial door, their roses went with them leaving Daniel and “the other guys” out in the cold. As for the two “other guys” whom we barely got to know because they were only on the show for only a hot minute, what were their names? We think their names are Carl and Ryan but who can be sure?

Amanda and Josh

Girl, you’ve been warned. “Nuf said.

Caila, Jared and Ashley

Our state had a local primary election last Tuesday. Consequently, television shows were interrupted with election results during the After Paradise Show. I mean, how dare “they” think that actual real-life politics and the future of our communities is more important than reality tv? (can you hear the sarcasm?) Anyhow, Melly was not able to see the Bachelor in Paradise after show but Lourdes was able to see it and brings us all up to date in case your state was having some kind of pesky election too.

Caila, Jared and Ashley were on the After Paradise show and it was very telling. Caila was perfectly composed and appropriate. She simply stated that she and Jared were “not meant to be” and took the high road. Then they brought Jared out who just looked confused and “Jaredy.” Caila even said that “she gets it” that Jared is a nice person and doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Then they brought out Ashley who was neither diplomatic or nice.

The show hosts confronted Jared and asked him if he didn’t realize all of what Ashley said to the camera. Remember all of the times Ashley said that she could control Jared’s thoughts and mess with him? So what did Jared say to this? Jared got ugly and told them that Ashley wasn’t the only one telling him to watch out for Caila. Jared and Ashley literally “threw Caila under the bus.” All the while, Caila remained calm, she rose above the situation and acted perfectly appropriate. We can all learn from Caila. She really handled that well.

We think Jared and Ashley’s relationship is completely dysfunctional and sick. There is no way any man will want to date Ashley with her weird, obsessive behavior regarding Jared. Likewise, who would ever want to date Jared when, in his eyes, Ashley is never wrong? He tells Ashley he doesn’t love her romantically and then continues to lead her on with his actions. The whole situation between them is just weird and unhealthy in our completely unprofessional opinion. What do we know, after all? But we believe that they would both be well advised to move on from one another. We applaud Caila for behaving like such a mature woman. She’s a true lady.

Chad’s Tweet About Nick as The Bachelor:

I promised I’d link to one of Chad’s most ridiculous tweets about Nick being chosen as The Bachelor. Here it is below. Follow him and you’ll see more outrageous tweets from the most infamous and irreverent Bachelor contestant ever – The Chad.

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