Bachelor in Paradise Ends with 3 EngagementsThere were 3 engagements, 2 bachelors that managed to escape and 1 very controversial Bachelor during the last week of Bachelor in Paradise. In this episode of Reality Sisters we dish on all of that AND read some comments that you left us. Listen to the end for an important announcement for the next show that we are covering.

Just remember, our commentary on the podcast and in the posts are only our personal opinions provided for your entertainment purposes. Sadly, we have no insider information of any kind. We’d love for you to share your opinions too!

Carly and Evan

Melly can’t put her finger on it, but she doesn’t see them as a couple. Melly admits that Carly and Evan absolutely look like they are in love and she hopes they make it but she feels like there is something lacking. Lourdes thinks that Melly doesn’t find Evan attractive and therefore she can’t understand what Carly sees in him. Lourdes doesn’t agree with Melly that “something is not quite right.” Lourdes believes that they have chemistry and loves their “love story.” Lourdes predicts that they will live happily ever after. Melly just can’t help but wonder if it is possible to fall in love in such a short period of time. Lourdes thinks it is absolutely possible. Melly wonders especially because Carly originally was repulsed by him (remember their hot pepper date). Lourdes thinks that Carly was scared and so she pushed Evan away. Both Melly and Lourdes wish them well. What do you think?

Grant and Lace aka Grace aka Lant

Good thing they chose Grace as their moniker or who knows what kind of tattoo they could have ended up with! We thought that the comedian on the after show was really funny to bring up that they could have called themselves “Lant.” Melly likes them together and thinks that Grant is very good for Lace. She thinks that they balance one another out. Melly believes that Grant softens and centers her. However, Lourdes wonders about them. Remember how Grant on the after show mentioned that he always preferred a “complicated woman.” Grant says he loses interest if the woman is too “easy.” But Lourdes wonders if that “complication” portion of their relationship will eventually become tiresome. Lourdes doesn’t like drama so she’s showing her own personal bias with this relationship. Lourdes thinks that if they have a daughter one day they must name her Grace and if they have a boy they should name him Lant. Melly likes Grace for a name but thinks Lant is just awful. Would you name your son Lant?

Josh and Amanda

We both agree on this couple. We can’t help but wonder if Josh became involved with Amanda in an effort to get back at Andi. Josh going over the top about how “this” (Amanda) was “the” woman – the best woman, no other woman like her etc… seemed like a dig to his past relationship with Andi. His reactions seemed rehearsed and over-the-top. This relationship continues to concern us. We hope that Amanda will take her time and have an extended engagement to make sure that Josh is what she wants for herself and her daughters.

Lourdes and Melly discussed Andi’s book in light of Josh and Amanda’s relationship. Somethings that Andi has said about Josh seem perfectly appropriate to Lourdes and she would have taken Josh’s side. But most of what Andi revealed about Josh in her book seem quite disturbing. Who knows what the truth is? Andi’s book is Andi’s take on what happened between her and Josh. The truth likely lies somewhere between what Josh would say and what Andi has said. We encourage Amanda to read the book in order to do her own “due diligence” but, of course, make up her own mind.

2 Escaped Bachelors

Wells and Brett escaped Bachelor in Paradise without an engagement. Neither of them found love mostly because, we think, they had so little time in Bachelor in Paradise because they came so late. Wells could easily have taken advantage of Ashley and it says so much about his character that he didn’t. We both commend Brett and Wells for doing the right thing for themselves and for the remaining women.

Nick Viall – 1 Controversial Bachelor

Perhaps Nick should have done as Wells and Brett did and not gone on an overnight date with Jen. Why did he go on that final date and, specifically, the overnight date with Jen if he didn’t love her? Did he know that he was going to be the next Bachelor back then? Melly thought his crying looked real and sincere. Lourdes questioned his sincerity. In fact, we had some feedback from YOU our fellow Reality Brothers and Sisters.

Here’s what Stephen G wrote:
I just watched Nick on the final episode of Bachelor in Paradise. He just denied his feelings for Jen at the last moment and crushed her expectations. He’s an ass so my wife and I will definitely NOT watch this moron play his games on the new Bachelor show! Enough is too much already…

Lourdes responded:
I wonder if he knew back then that he was going to be the next Bachelor. Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Stephen G then responded:
Yes and even more reasons for me not to watch him. He always feels like he should be the center of attention. Watching him play games with 24 more women on his hook for a whole season is not something I’m interested in doing.

Then we heard from Reality Sister Diana who has a somewhat softer opinion.

Diana wrote:
I believe Nick has grown as a person, but don’t think he is anywhere near ready to find love. Bad choice!

Diana then wrote again:
I hope I am wrong and Nick can find love. 

We appreciate it so much when you reach out to us, be it here on the Reality Sisters website or on social media. For sure during the season finales of the shows we are online and ready to chat with you!

Meanwhile there have been several petitions online (just Google them) that you can sign to ask Luke to be on the Bachelor and let the ladies choose the ultimate Bachelor (like they did with Brit and Kaitlyn) or to get his own Bachelor type show on CMT (Luke is a country music singer). I have a feeling, we may be seeing Luke again very soon.

What’s coming next…

We will be covering Survivor which starts on September 21, 2016. We are recording an episode next week even though Survivor doesn’t air until the week after. We will be checking out the cast members and make some early predictions even before the show starts. I hope that you’ll join us.

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