Three casual people standing in a line and holding questions marks isolated on white backgroundWe are so excited about Survivor we thought we’d get a jump on things even before the season started. In this episode we each chose 5 contestants that look liked they’d be fun to watch. Neither of us knew beforehand who the other one was picking. We’d love to know who you picked too. Meanwhile, we have a new Facebook group just for us. You can be our Reality Sister or Reality Brother too – just join us in our Facebook group here:

Just remember, our commentary on the podcast and in the posts are only our personal opinions provided for your entertainment purposes. Sadly, we have no insider information of any kind. We’d love for you to share your opinions too!

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Our Picks

David Wright (GenX – Lourdes’ Pick)

He describes himself as OCD, nervous and paranoid. He may well be the “George Costanza” (that’s a Seinfeld reference) of the season. In fact, one of his pet peeves is “people.” How funny is that? I think we will all be able to relate to David Wright, at least in some small way. We’re looking to David to bring that deliciously funny anxiety to the cast.

Chris Hammons (GenX – Melly’s & Lourdes’ Pick)

Melly picked him because he is a trial lawyer and because his pet peeve is gum. She thinks he’s really funny. He was actually on Lourdes list also because he is quite obviously an overcomer having put himself through both college and law school after being abandoned by his father at age 15. We think he will prove to be quite the warrior.

Justin “Jay” Starrett (Millenial – Lourdes’ Pick)

Lourdes chose him because Jay said that the Survivor contestant that he is most like is Russell Hantz. Lourdes’ most favored player ever is Russell.

Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa (Millenial – Melly’s Pick)

Melly loves her nickname and says that Figgy seems really cute. She wonders what Figgy means when she described herself as a “crowd pleaser?” Does this mean that she tries hard to please others or that she is well liked? Also she doesn’t like lazy people according to her cast information which should prove interesting with the other cast members.

Mari Takahashi (Millenial – Lourdes’ Pick)

Mari caught Lourdes’ eye because she is a gamer. This means that she’s a techie woman and Lourdes is such a nerdy/geek and she loves fellow nerdy/geeky/gamer types. Mari also would choose Mexican Coke as an item to bring on the island. If you haven’t ever tried Mexican Coca Cola you are missing out. Mexican Coca Cola is made with real cane sugar instead the High Fructose Corn Syrup that is found in Coca Cola in the United States. Plus Mexican Coca Cola comes in those amazing Coca Cola glass bottles. Melly noted that Mari summited Mount Kilimanjaro. Can we say “wow!?!” Both Lourdes and Melly think she is a serious contender.

Paul Wachter (GenX – Melly’s Pick)

Melly believes that his experience in spear fishing will prove very useful in Survivor. Plus he was very honest in saying that his motivation to go on Survivor is to win a million dollars. He thinks he is most like Ozzy which is one of Melly’s favorite players.

Will Wahl (Millenial – Lourdes’ Pick)

Lourdes picked him for 2 reasons (1) it is fun to say his name and (2) he is the youngest Survivor Contestant to date. He’s still in High School!

Zeke Smith (Millenial – Melly’s Pick)

Melly chose him because he liked his name and the fact that his “pet peeves” on his cast page were so funny. Plus he described himself as “devilish.” Also he is a fan of Joan Rivers and Melly is a fan too. In fact, (little known fact here) Melly was able to get her picture taken with Joan Rivers. He is a good writer and really funny. Melly expects lots of laughs from him.

Sunday Burquest (GenX – Melly’s Pick)

Melly liked her name and the fact that she is a youth pastor named “Sunday.” Melly also is a fan of people named after days of the week.

Andi Dorfman’s Book – Final Thoughts

 We covered Andi Dorfman’s Book (yes we’re talking about this again). Melly and Lourdes both finished the book. We both agree that the book is a great read and very compelling. It caused us both to question some of Andi’s actions and it makes us want to read Josh Murray’s side of the story. So Josh, you need to start writing, dude! Anyhow, Andi’s book is certainly controversial. However, it is an awesome read and we think you’d like it. You can find the book here.

Lourdes likes to listen to audio books – especially when the book is read by the author. In this case the book was read by Andi herself and she did a fantastic job, Andi is a great presenter and likely could have a bright future in audio book presenting if she wanted.  See below for a link to get some free audio books. Lourdes loves audio books because she can listen to them while she’s cleaning, cooking or doing other household chores. See the link below for 2 free audiobooks from Audible –  an Amazon company.

Predictions on First to Be Voted Out

Lourdes’ Guess: Hannah Shapiro

Lourdes chose her because her “pet peeve” is “people who kill people.” Her answer was odd and Lourdes just wonders about her.

Melly’s Guess:

Melly chose Adam Klein because she thinks he looks small and weak and the weak players go first.

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