Tropical Cyclone on SurvivorFinally the Season Premiere of Survivor Millenials vs GenX. We are really excited about this season. Based on the very first episode it looks like the contestants are in for a wild time. We think (and we hope) that they all stay safe, of course. But we see the storm that caused them to be evacuated as a foreshadowing of tumultuous season to come!

Just remember, our commentary on the podcast and in the posts are only our personal opinions provided for your entertainment purposes. Sadly, we have no insider information of any kind. We’d love for you to share your opinions too!

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The Unthinkable Happened

Never before in the history of Survivior has the entire cast been evacuated. Apparently a tropical cyclone was the cause and we congratulate CBS and Jeff Probst for the good call. We’ve both been through several hurricanes (that’s what they call them in our part of the world) and we know how deadline those storms can be. But the storm had it’s casualties. The shelters created by both tribes were demolished and Jessica ended up with a bacterial infection in both eyes due to the sand that was blown in her face. People who haven’t been through a hurricane don’t realize just how sinister and deadly these storms can be. We would both have been very thankful to have been evacuated but we bet the boat ride off of the island was treacherous! Lourdes talks about her own personal “Tour of Wilma” and “Mexican Vomitorium.” We won’t recap that here, suffice it to say, it’s a funny story.

New Twist

A new season means a new twist for Survivor fans and cast members. The Legacy Advantage was found by Jessica. We know very little about it. The only thing we know is that if Jessica makes it to day 36 she’ll get some kind of advantage but if she is voted out before then, she will need to will the advantage to another player. So far, she’s kept that little secret to herself. Well done, Jessica, “mums the word!”

David Wright

Well, Mr. David is actually quite a bit more anxious than we anticipated. He needs to try to control himself a little. We commend him for looking for an idol but he should be a little more secretive and stealthy in his pursuits. He is definitely an obvious choice to be voted off. It seems like the weaker players are always the first to go. We’ll see how long he lasts.

Rachel was voted off

Rachel was very loud and put herself way out there by volunteering to do the puzzle. Clearly, that was a mistake. If she had just  laid low, David Wright would definitely had been voted out. Sorry, Rachel, you are the first person voted off this season.


Melly says that Figgy is very different than what she thought she would be. But Melly continues to think that she’ll be fun to watch. The “Tri-Force” alliance with Taylor and the other dude (who was that other dude?) should prove interesting. Taylor and Figgy seem to be developing a crush on one another whicht should make for some interesting drama.


One of Melly’s picks form our last episode, Zeke, has been fun to watch already. He claims to be an old man trapped in a young man’s body. He certainly is colorful! But you know what, say what you will, he made fire – the first fire of the season, in fact! Well done Zeke!


Chris is exactly as we predicted. He is clearly a leader. He seems strong mentally and physically and unless he is targeted for being “too strong” we predict he will go far.


Mari’s gamer skills will serve her well in Survivor. We love that she’s pointing out the Tri-Force Alliance. Her covert actions will prove deadly to the Tri-Force we think. We both look forward to seeing her play and think that she has a great chance for the win.

Will Wahl

Ok, so we didn’t realize he is actually ***still*** in High School! We wonder what will happen as far as his schooling goes but we think he made the right decision. Survivor is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Millenials Won the First Challenge!

The Millenials didn’t take the rope area short cut but they didn’t really need to. Consequently they had less puzzle pieces to deal with. The Millenials are smaller people. What does this mean? Do we as humans blow up as we age or did they choose larger people for the GenX contestants? Are future generations shrinking? Melly talks of her experience when she visited a castle in Europe. She realized from a suit of armor that the knights from the Middle Ages were quite small and slight.

We also thought that it was interesting to see the differences in the structures that each tribe built. The GenXers were more purposeful while the Millenials were in party mode. Is that a true cultural difference or just a normal difference among different tribes? Either way, the Millenials had fire, without flint mind you, before the GenXers did. Booyah! In your face GenXers!


There’s a hint that there is a possible heart attack during the next episode. Oh no! We hope for the best for the injured person.

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